My life lesson is gratitude. And MAN do I struggle to feel gratitude.

Nothing I achieve is good enough.

Everything could always be a little bit better.

If only I got over THERE everything would be great.

I don’t have time to appreciate this beautiful view, I need obsess over what I’m doing tomorrow/next week/next month/next year.

Here’s what I got when I journaled on this to the Akasha:


△ “You resist gratitude as you see it as a weakness. Gratitude to your ego means dependency, which means disadvantage, which means potential death for you when you follow the threads of logic.

This is obviously a complete illusion as gratitude is the source of all life and is the key to manifesting powerfully, yet you believe what you believe – for now.

You shall eventually learn, it may take an infinite number of lifetimes, or you could simply learn it now.

Your choice.” △


Some effective reverse psychology there, thanks.🙈

OK so basically GRATITUDE = DEATH ☠️👻 to me. No wonder I’m not willing to feel it!!!😨

So I continued, with this question: HOW can my biggest fear be the thing that provides me with exactly what I want?…


△ “YES! Of course your fears are the conduit to all you desire because your fears are the complete and total obstruction to Truth.

The truth is that you are an infinite eternal being that can never be harmed.

The truth that your fears are simply a lens through with you can witness the areas in which you desire growth.

The truth that fear itself is an illusion you have created in order to overcome the untruths you have come to believe.

Fear is an illusion, but a gift:

The gift is the realisation that fear is an illusion and so anything you desire to create for yourself is possible.” △ 


This was a genuine paradigm shift for me!

The Gift of Fear: To realise that fear is an illusion and the

So now every time I say a genuine “Thank You” to my husband he reassures me:

“It’s OK, Jen, you’re not gonna die.” LOL🤣

Oh how there is power in realising the absurdity in our beliefs through exaggeration and humour!!

The sky is beautiful (I’m not gonna die).
What I do is enough (I’m still breathing).
This moment is enough (Life still flows).
I am enough (All is well).

What is one of your biggest fears?
What is the gift you shall receive when you release the illusion of this fear?
How can you EXAGGERATE these fears to the point of ABSURDITY so they release their hold upon you?

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