Discover Your Purpose.

Align with Who You Are.

Walk Your Own Path.

An intimate 6 month Group Coaching Program

with Jen Holmes of Curiously You


You are a woman with a purpose here on earth.

You feel it, calling to you.

It’s that nudge, a restlessness.

It aches, and yet you wake up everyday with a smile for the world and carry on.

You feel a dull frustration under the surface that there is MORE than this.

Of course you want to step up and believe in your own potential.

Of course you want to uncover and realise your purpose, and go for it with confidence.

Who wouldn’t?!

But your dreams feel so far away it makes you upset to think about it.

Where can you start, and what can you do?

I understand, don't be so hard on yourself.

This kind of transformation is not something that can be easily done on your own.

It’s a process that can take many their whole lives to figure out, if they figure it out at all!

You need a ongoing support while you expand into who you are,

contend with the opinions of everyone around you, and walk your own path.

Not your parent’s path.

Not your friend’s path.

Not your partner’s path.

Not your colleague’s path.

Not your inner mean-girl's fear-induced path

Not the path of that awesome girl on Instagram appears to be on...

Your own secretly desired, expansive, and fully aligned path.

Do you ever wonder if you can:

  • Heal these old, lingering wounds that you feel are constantly looming over you, holding you back and shouting you down every time you try move forward?
  • Get crystal clear on you purpose here on earth?
  • Silence the noise of everyone else, and lead from a place of inner wisdom?
  • Fearlessly get into alignment with you path, and walk with confidence along it?
  • And, for the love of all that is good in this world, not have to go through this journey on you own anymore??


My name is Jen Holmes, and I have been exactly where you are right now.

Not too long ago I was working a corporate job, I had a pretty comfortable life and, honestly, it wasn’t all that bad on paper.

And yet every day, day after day that was that inner ache.

I could feel myself resisting the way I was headed, because my inner self knew that I was walking in the wrong direction.


Eventually I surrendered and I went toward my calling, as scary as it was: I left my corporate job, sold my apartment, moved to the country and Curiously You was born.


And yet I also learned that this journey is not all about the choices you make.

It’s also about how you want to feel, what you are willing to learn about yourself, and the daily practises to get into - and remain - in alignment with who you are.

I see you.

You want to believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are capable of creating a magical and aligned life directed by your inner compass, not the opinions of others.

 You want to make prompt, intuitive, decisions that allow your experiences to flow with ease. You trust yourself and your life path, and you quickly and beautifully manifest your most deeply held desires.

You want to show up calmly and confidently in the fullest expression of who you are.

You are craving a tribe of soul-sisters, who can empathise with your experiences, share their insights with you, and make a stand for your wants and needs where no one else has before.

Walk Your Own Path

An intimate 6 Month Group and 1:1 Coaching Experience

A program that will empower, expand, and awaken.

For the woman who is ready to walk her own path,

outside all expectations.

This exclusive and intimate coaching program is

by application only and is for women who are ready to:

  • Finally heal those old hurts and limiting belief patterns once and for all, so they no longer trip them up as they move forward with confidence.
  • Quit people-pleasing, anxiety, tip-toeing around everyone. They want to learn how to become the fullest more expansive expression of themselves.
  • Create clarity around, face, and pursue their deeply held silent dream.
  • Realise the unbounded possibility of themselves and their life, build unshakable confidence, and connect to their soul-path from now, into the future.
  • Create direction, be had accountable and feel safe as they explore and become who they are, and move toward their desires.
  • Walk their own path with their head held high! Release the fear of judgement and anxiety over what everyone will think about them, and their choices.

“No longer look to anyone else except yourself for validation, because while some of your paths cross with others, none of them overlap. The only thing you can ever do is tread your own.

Know this and you will know true liberation.”

Jen Holmes via the Akashic Records

Walk Your Own Path

has three guiding principles at its foundation

Heal the past

Many coaches would charge straight into setting goals, but this rarely creates lasting change. 

It is important to clear out the old, before we make way for the new, and so we will shift old energies first. You will uncover and gain awareness around the patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are.

Heal old wounds that prevent you from moving on and stepping fully into who you are, which will lay a solid foundation for the next stages.

Connect in the present

Ground and connect to your higher self - her wants, needs and desires.

Develop a mindset of uninhibited growth and endless possibility.

Clarify exactly how you want to feel, and what needs to happen for you to feel it.

Align for the future

It's time to turn clarity into reality: set goals, be held, align your actions with your path, and be held accountable.

Experience loving support from your tribe as you take inspired action.

Establish lasting foundations for fearlessly bringing your desires into your experience.

Walk Your Own Path

Group and 1:1 Coaching Program, Revealed

with Jen Holmes of Curiously You + Guest Teachers

This exclusive and intimate coaching program has

just 15 spots available for women who are

ready to step onto and walk their own path.

Transformational 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Be heard on a deep level, work through your blocks,

gain clarity on what you want, and move toward

your intentions and goals.

Group Coaching Sessions

On key areas of your experience that will facilitate you

finding and walking your own path.

Guest Teachers and Coaches

To laser-focus your learning around topics

that are integral to realising your desires.

A new family of friends and soul-sisters

Who will support you, and make a stand for you, as you

blossom into your most full and aligned self.

Maia Boylla

"Jennifer has helped me how to let go of my fears and go after what I really want."

“I reached out to Jen for coaching because I wanted someone to help me understand what I wanted out of life.

I had defined success as climbing the corporate ladder, however I didn’t feel any happier for achieving the career goals I’d set myself. Instead I found myself frustrated at the feeling of discontentment, which seemed be growing every day. I could see no way of figuring out what would make me happy; what my true path should be.

Jen helped me to look at my life holistically; explore my fears and anxieties, and focus on areas that I wanted to learn more aboutI am at the early stages of this journey but I can honestly say that Jen has taught me how to let go of my fears and go after what I really want – not what I think I should do, but I what I truly want to do. I am very excited to be on this journey because I know it's taking me ever closer to my true authentic self ”

Maia Boylla


"Working with Jen was incredible."

She created a safe space for me to open up to the knowledge and experience of my higher self.

The information that I received during our work was directly related to the experiences and blocks that I was facing and I left our calls with deep and actionable steps to move forward.

This work shook me up in the best way possible - it brought my old stories to the surface and created space to shift my mindset and release them for good. If you're at all curious what there might be for you here I suggest you dive in with Jen and let her show you the way.

Jaime Johnson


"If you are seeking clarity and confirmation on those unanswered questions, I HIGHLY recommend you reach out to Jen!"

I warmly recommend Jen to anyone. After creating a relaxing, calming environment, Jen sets you at ease with her peaceful, patient and soothing persona and keeps the space open with a hint of humor so you can explore what comes up for you, in a safe, supportive way.

You might be pushed out of your comfort zone or pushed into a space of vulnerability but those unconscious thoughts in your mind may be brought to the forefront but you will find some balance and clarity as you enter and dive into your own higher self's wisdom.

Our time together has given me some clarity and confirmation that I am on the right path to succeed and has given me guidance in what actions I need to practise in order to achieve. A completely eye opening experience, guided by the amazing Jen, I would encourage everyone to experience.

Thank you so much Jen!

Emma Love

Presenting, Your Guest Teachers

What's the fastest way to uncover and come into alignment with your path without the frustration, second guessing, or struggle? By stepping into a sacred and supportive space with women who have already been there, and will share their knowledge and expertise to support you on your journey.

Jen has worked personally with each of the women she has invited to join Walk Your Own Path. Each guest teacher is an expert in their own unique specialist area and will be sharing their knowledge and holding space for you as you explore how their teachings can serve you

Tara Green

The Radiant Goddess Collective

Tara is here to help you nourish your inner Goddess. She believes that life is meant to be fun, easy and beautiful and wants to help you make magick a lifestyle! Tara is stepping in on Walk Your Own Path to teach you powerful Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques so you can begin co-creating your dreams with the Universe!

Katie DePaola

PCC Certified Life Coach

Katie specialises in helping women "Glow in the Dark". She will support you in releasing your perfectionism, and show the possibilities that flow from moving through difficulties and feeling joy at the same time. During your time with Katie you will build confidence in your path and created inspired action that has its basis in true alignment with who you are.

Monica Pelayo

Shadow Coach Expert

In this accelerated group coaching session, Monica will support you in uncovering and revealing that mysterious aspect of yourself that seems to be holding you back. You'll learn all about your shadow self and how important it is to create integrity with all aspects of yourself - the shadow AND the light - order to align with your path.

Katie Pelkey

Katie Pelkey

Transformational Life Coach

+ Yoga Teacher

Katie's mission is to guide you to live in alignment with your higher self. She helps turn pain into power and vulnerability into strength. Together, you will co-create a spiritual reconnection that may feel currently pinched off. By the end of your time with Katie you will feel a greater sense of peace, and inspired you to act from a place of love rather than fear along your path.

Ricci-Jane Adams

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Best-selling Author

+ Intuition Expert

Ricci-Jane believes intuition can bring infinite power, wild abundance and inevitable success. Leading research in the intuitive sciences, Ricci-Jane knows intuition inside out and back to front! She will teach you everything you need to know about tapping into your innate intuition and help you reclaim any power you feel you may have given away so you can walk your path as your infinite self.

sammie flemming

Sammie Fleming

Women's Coach, Women's Circle Facilitator,

+ Menstrual Cycle Specialist

Sammie helps those who are feeling lost, stuck, stressed and overwhelmed to a place of calm, ease, connection and clarity. In your time together Sammie will facilitate the space for you to return home to who you are and also share her knowledge about the ease, flow and joy that becomes available to you through connecting with your inner wild feminine, and you monthly cycle.

During Walk Y​our Own Path You will Receive:

Welcome Packet

Value £100

Get immediate access to the Welcome Packet for the course, filled with intentional questions and exercises to get you started on your path.

12 x 60 mins Private Coaching Calls

Value £2,200

Deep listening? Going to THAT place to help you move you past it? Creating space for self-awareness? Making a stand for your secret dreams? All the checks, and more!

1:1 time between us is extremely important on this journey. You will receive bi-weekly coaching calls for the duration of the 6 months to support you as you uncover and get in alignment with your path.

VIP 90 minute Kick Start Session

Value £400

A VIP 90-minute kick-starter coaching session to bring clarity to your path and create an immediate sense of self-awareness and direction.

18 x Group Coaching Calls

Value £2,000

Join me and all your soul sisters on weekly group coaching calls as we cover a streamlined set of topics that will super-charge your healing, connection, and alignment work.

Your experiences will be Illuminated in a new light and you will have loving reflections on any struggles you are experiencing as you get in alignment with your path.

6 x Guest Teacher Calls

Value £1,800

I know a lot, but I don’t know everything!

Super-charge your learning and alignment with these 6 guest teachers who will serve you in a key areas of your development during these 6 months.

A high-vibe soul-sister tribe


Get the support and loving encouragement you need from an intimate group of like-minded women who “get” you, and want to support you in realise your dreams.

Come together, share wins and challenges over the 6 months; create wonderful friendships and lifelong connections.

By the end of Walk Your Own Path you will be fully aligned with who you are, beyond everyone else's validation and expectations.

You'll have a crystal clear path that you will be walking along.

And feel empowered to continue forward on your journey of expansion in your life.

Walk Your Own Path

Opens its doors for you if you:

  • Want to heal your past wounds, connect with who you are on a deep level, and take action toward aligned goals that will move you toward your desires.
  • Are done with the people-pleasing. From now on, it’s your path you want to walk.
  • Are ready to “go there” and surrender your old patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are.
  • Want to feel confident in your opinions and speak your truth, because it’s who you are and you can’t smother it any longer.
  • Want support and encouragement as you are done trying to do this all on your own.
  • No more excuses, no more delaying. You are ready to face your fears, get on your path and have a bigger, braver, impact in the world.

You won't get what you need from this program if you:

  • Find a lot of pleasure in understanding the origins of your limits, but have no intention to move past them.
  • You quite enjoy the struggle, and are looking for another environment to confirm that struggle is your destiny.
  • You believe firmly that your personality is fixed and you are unable or unwilling to grow beyond where you are.

Early Bird Discount!


Save $420!

if you sign up before 30th April 2018

(only 5 spots available)


Join before 30 April 2018 to receive this discount!

One final thought from Jen...

When I first stepped with confidence onto my own path it was because the pain of staying put was worse than taking a risk and walking my own path. 

The choice was clear: I had to do it.

Maybe you are there already? Or you can feel it getting closer?

How much longer will you suffer before you choose to walk your path?

How long can you smothering yourself and your dreams in order to protect others?

What will change by this time next year if you DON’T walk your own path?

I’m holding space for just 15 women

who are ready to start this journey. 

Once it’s full, the doors will be closed

until the end of 2018.

This is your moment. Take it.

Want to know more about Jen Holmes?

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

- Buddha

Jen Holmes has a BA degree in Psychology, trained as a coach through Inner Glow Circle. She is also a certified Akashic Records practitioner, Reiki II trained, and working toward becoming a Shamanic Practitioner.

She grew up in London, England and worked her way up the corporate ladder until she decided that it was time to channel her energies into her soul’s purpose: helping women uncover, align with, and expand into their soul path, particularly those who struggle with people-pleasing anxiety.

She currently lives in the Yorkshire Dales, England, with her voice actor husband Mike, and their crazy labrador Drake.


"What a beautiful gift."

“This experience with Jen was beyond words. It was like someone finally told me WHY.  It was like someone finally sat me down and gave me the love and awareness that my soul, my being and my whole self needed. It brought me clarity, deep discoveries, and so much understanding and love. I felt like I wasn’t alone, that there is so much love around me, and all I needed to do was be open and listen.

I was exhausted with bliss and a new sense of awareness."

Jenn Hepton

Krista Kathleen

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect from accessing my higher self but something inside of me said I needed to try it."

"Within the first few minutes I had a pretty powerful realisation from a question Jen asked me, which brought tears to my eyes. I hadn’t realised know how much hurt and sadness I had been holding onto.

Jen's energy makes you feel relaxed and supported as all your most sacred questions are answered. She combines powerful coaching techniques on top of spiritual guidance which leaves one feeling deeply understood and with a sense of inner peace towards the next steps in life."

Krista Kathleen

Olivia Chapman

"I was blown away by the insights and realisations from my higher self!"

"As a first timer around accessing inner wisdom, I was quite sceptical of the whole process, but I was blown away by the insights and realisations from my higher self!

I had been wrestling with a few questions about my life path, namely 'what is meant for me that I am not seeing?' The response I received felt spot on and truly like it was a unique message, for me.

Jen made this experience expansive, yet safe, which I thought added immense value to the overall process. I highly recommend working with Jen to help you learn more about who you are, your soul, and your next steps."

Olivia Chapman

Answers to your questions

Will this course work for me?

If you show up, you are willing to learn and be supported in getting into alignment with who you are then, yes 100% this course will work for you. The course is “in the moment” and fully present, no "canned videos" so we can address your challenges and questions AS YOU’RE GOING THROUGH THEM. I believe this is the best way to integrate any teachings and breakthroughs.

I don't have time for this right now...

The course will allow you to create space for better aligned living, which will save you spending time on poorly aligned thoughts and activities. 

What do I receive throughout the six months?

- Walk Your Own Path Welcome packet

- 18 x group coaching calls with Jen

- 12 x 50 minute one-on-one coaching calls

- 6 x guest expert coaching calls

- Access to a private and supportive Facebook group with other members of the course

- Bonus: First 5 members to join get a 90 minute Akashic Records reading

- Access to the member’s area of Walk Your Own Path where all resources will be stored.

I don’t think I need 6 months, can you offer less time?

6 months is needed to achieve the deep transformation offered on this course. I would be doing you a disservice if I offered less time.

Will I have access to the course after its finished?

Yes! You will gain access to the Walk Your Own path Membership area where all our calls, notes and learnings from the course will be stored. You may download these files and keep them, and revisit the site at any time into the future.

Will I receive personal support throughout the course?

Yes, personal support is at the heart of Walk Your Own Path. You will get get twelve one on one coaching calls throughout the six months, that’s a bi-weekly coaching call to help move you through the process. It will be an intimate group of women, and so you will also have plenty of time throughout our group coaching calls to have your questions addressed as well.

Do you offer a refund?

I invite women who are a 100% YES to this journey. Hesitation it will make this harder for you, and more difficult for me to make a stand for your higher self and her wants. And so refunds are not offered for this course.

How do I access the course?

Walk Your Own Path is 100% online and delivered via live workshops with you. And so no matter where you are in the world you can join us. 

I am happy to record your one on one coaching calls and send to you personally so you can reflect on them in the future.

I’m not going to beat you over the head with a million reasons why you should join Walk Your Own Path.

I could tell you that you’ll be hard-pressed to find another coach out there as invested in your growth and helping you realise your secret dreams.

I could tell you that unlike other courses, Walk Your Own Path is my purpose, and so my heart and soul is going into it - and you.

I could tell you that I will never leave you behind, and that I promise to make a stand for you where others haven’t.

But the fact of the matter is, you are still reading this page and you are nearly 3,000 words in.

And so, I would encourage you to consider if these questions touch a cord in you:

  • Do you feel that dull ache of being off your path?
  • Are you moving through your day with an inner resistance that leaves you feeling depleted of energy because you KNOW deep inside that something just isn’t right, that there’s different, or more out there, for you.
  • Or do you feel that deep down inside you know,

“I’m done. It’s time.”

If your inner wisdom is a resounding "YES!",

then please, don’t hesitate to join us.

It's time to move past the discomfort, stagnation,

and fear of turning toward who you truly are.

Your path is ready for you to uncover and walk upon it.

Take the first step.
Walk Your Own Path.

© 2017 Curiously You. All rights Reserved