Reclaim the Feminine: A Beginner’s Practice

In meditation, I met with the warrioress Boudica in the forest, the same place we always meet.

She arrived through the trees and sat down opposite me, crossed-legged.

She asked me to notice my energy field, “It’s always outward, pushing,” she said, “always precisely at the exact extent that you want others to be close to you. It is a part of your need for control.”

I could feel it.

“You struggle to learn about the feminine because you don’t have enough trust within you to open yourself up to receive,” Boudica explained.

I responded, “No I don’t have that trust. Many people would take advantage of that, it’s like exposing my soft under belly to be sliced open. Why would I do that?”

“You want to learn about the feminine don’t you? The feminine knows how to receive.

And so, don’t start with receiving from people…

Start with receiving from THE ELEMENTS.”


~ ⤷ AIR ⤶ ~

What would it look like to fully be open and receive air?

You need to breathe don’t you? Without breathing each moment you would die within minutes.

Most of your body is made up of air, the spaces in between, and within, cells.

Without this space your body would collapse.

Can you fully receive AIR?

~ ⭈ WATER ⭂ ~

What would it look like to be fully open and receive water?

Most of your body is made up of water.

Without drinking water you would soon die.

Can you fully receive WATER?

⬤ ⥁ EARTH ⥀ ⬤

What would it look like to be fully open and receive Earth?

You have to eat don’t you?

You need the life force from the produce of Earth.

Can you be fully open and receive your food when you consume it?

Can you receive EARTH?

⇪ ⥉ FIRE ⥉ ⇪

What would it look like to be fully open and receive fire?

Can you consume the energy of the flames when you next have a fire.

Can you draw its heat into your body feel its warmth, and trust it?

Can you feel the heat of your own body keeping you warm and alive.

Can you receive FIRE?


Boudica continues,

“This is how you shall begin the practise of coming into your feminine, by trusting what is already a part of you and essential for your survival.

Currently you are both receiving it, and rejecting it, energetically.

Can you learn to simply receive?

Begin to practise your feminine reclaim with the elements.

It shall serve you, and it shall teach you.”

Then she stands from in front of me, energy streams whipping up behind her, turns and disappears into the forest.

Pic: The Raven Report


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Divya says March 26, 2019

I am gonna cry reading this. I can relate to it

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