8: Make “One Day” Today with Amanda Davies

Hello Curious Friends and welcome to Episode 8 of the Curiously You Podcast!

I am speaking with Amanda Davies of Light Purpose Living about pursuing your dreams TODAY, rather than “one day”.

We use Amanda’s story of being in the high-flying corporate world, but becoming totally burned out, stressed and ill to following her dreams of running her own business from home.

In this episode we’ll be focussing on the feelings of guilt that come with deciding that the life that everyone else seems to lead is not for you, and what it really feels like to step beyond the people-pleasing that may have led us down a poorly aligned path.

How does it feel to make the decision to change? For the woman who is always in control, how does it feel to surrender and start being softly attuned to opportunities, rather than pushing for on-paper achievement all the time?

A whole array of emotions comes up when we journey through this change: frustration, jealousy, fear, guilt, disconnection. We speak about dealing with these emotions as they come up, taking action, and seeking out a community that will help you make your dreams of “one day” start today.

This episode is perfect for you if:

You are really scared of making a career change and are finding it hard to deal with all the emotions that come up when you think about it.

You tend to be super practical, efficient and organised, and find it difficult to let go of control, surrender, and be guided by your intuition (but you’d like to!)

You are independent and do things by yourself, but find it stressful that everything rests on your shoulders all the time.

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Time-stamped Show Notes

[02:35] Amanda was ambitious in her career and very successful on paper but she felt like she wasn’t following her true purpose – and felt guilty for feeling that way!

[04:20] How feeling guilty originated in Amanda’s “good girl” belief that she needed to please others – success always looked very specific.

[06:13] Stress caused Amanda poor health meaning her life “tick-list” went downhill – the job, home, career. It lead to her reassessing what she *really* wanted from life.

[08:42] How making a change originates in a decision to change, plus making an energetic contract with the universe.

[11:01] Total surrender and being on the look-out for opportunities, coincidences and synchronicities – how to do it when it feels completely alien to you [unique value point].

[14:58] How to following the dreams now that you tell yourself you will do one day, and using jealousy and frustration of others who are already living your dream as fuel.

[18:42] How to deal with the fear, ego, and guilt of feeling separated from your dreams, and how to close the gap.

[20:21] Taking action in a non-threatening way, and using fear to propel you.

[22:33] The power of community in following your dreams, plus accepting help when you always do things on your own [unique value point].

[24:12] How finding words that resonate with you will slowly help build a picture of the puzzle that you’re trying to figure out.

[27:02] Doing research toward your dream (the practical) and doing visualisations, meditations and using your intuition (the magical).

[30:18] Creative visualisation and how to do it.

[32:14] How we’ve disowned the feminine intuitive and rooted side of ourselves.

[34:18] The ongoing process of owning your voice when you are afraid or judgement and persecution from others – how to release fears in this area of our life.

[37:40] Living AS IF you are already living your dream, and how small choices will lead you there over time.

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Key Take Homes

If you want to create a change in your life, it all starts with the decision to change, surrendering to the fact that the way you have been doing things isn’t working any more, and keeping your eyes open and being attuned to opportunities, coincidences and synchronicities that cross your path.

The key ingredient to any change is seeking out the community who have already made the change you are looking to make, and starting to integrate them (and their teachings and energy) into your life.


Amanda’s Website: Light Purpose Living

Amanda’s Favourite Books:

Light Is The New Black: A Guide To Answering Your Soul’s Calling and Working Your Light by Rebecca Campbell

Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within  by Rebecca Campbell

Other Inspirational resources mentioned by Amanda:

Gabrielle Bernstein

Marianne Williamson

Rebecca Campbell

Curious Question

Which community will you reach out to today that will bring you one step closer to you goal?

Thanks so much for listening and, until the next episode, take care of yourself.

Much love,

Jen xx

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