5: How to create a positive self-image when it feels impossible with Mary Paleologos

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Curiously You Podcast!

In this episode I am speaking with hypnotherapist, counsellor, and transformation coach Mary Paleologos.

We explore the concept of self-image in the context of Mary’s life, as she spent many years battling an eating disorder, and was suddenly heavy-hit twice by a brain haemorrhage. How have these two issues helped her create a positive self-image, and what can we learn from her experiences?

We look into Mary’s concept of the ego, the reasons why we silence our inner knowing voice and what to do about it, and dive into our unique individuality and gifts that are calling to be shared with the world.

Mary gives us hypnotherapy techniques that we can use on ourselves to move to a place of peace, and start to live in line with our intentions.

This episode is perfect for you if:

– You struggle to create a positive self-image for yourself.

– You are unsure which is your own true voice of the many inner voices you hear.

– Haven’t forgiven someone in your past, and it still affects you to this day.

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Time-stamped Show Notes

[02:52] Battling an eating disorder and serious health issues made Mary reassess her outlook and need for validation, and made her focus on healing herself.

[08:39] Mary’s perspective on the Ego: what is it, and how does it show up in our lives?

[12:02] Why we don’t trust our inner voice, and why we silence it.

[13:26] Love vs Fear – the question Mary asks herself to know where her actions and desires come from.

[16:52] Why Mary believes it is of the utmost importance to share YOUR specific message with the world, even if you feel it’s “nothing new”.

[18:21] Mary’s key take home from her counselling clients – what she always tells them [unique curious point].

[19:34] Hypnosis – how to self-hypnotise to reach your intentions.

[21:56] How hypnotherapy is a lot like manifestation.

[23:45] How to know what your beliefs are, and to figure out if they are in line with your intentions. If not, what to do about it.

[25:48] The world is your mirror.

[29:51] The importance of not allowing your past to dictate who you are, and the importance of forgiveness (and how to do it) [unique value point].

Pledge just $2 per episode and get behind-the-scenes manifestation and alignment content + more!

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Key Take Homes

The ego is a negative voice that is self-serving, and its nature is to keep you stuck.

The negative things that you tell yourself are not true of who you are, you are divine in nature.

Just because something has happened to us in the past doesn’t mean that it needs to dictate who you are now. If we learn how to cultivate forgiveness in ourselves it will help us to move on.

Curious Question

Close your eyes, imagine someone you haven’t forgiven standing in front of you.

Now in your mind’s eye turn them into a little child, and visualise them running toward you with open arms.

Scoop them up, hug them, and say from your heart “I forgive you”.

Let them go.

How do you feel after doing this exercise?


Mary’s Huffington Post Page

Mary’s Twitter Page

Mary’s Favourite Books:

Dare To Be Yourself: How To Quit Being An Extra In Other People’s Movies and Become the Star of Your Own by Alan Cohen

The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Living Fully, Loving Freely by Alan Cohen

Silent Power by Stuart Wilde

Thanks so much for listening, and until the next episode, take care of yourself.

Much love,

Jen xx

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