4: How To Follow Your Heart In the Face of High Expectations with Amy Crumpton

Hello Curious Friends! Welcome to Episode 4 of the Curiously You Podcast.

In today’s episode I am joined by Amy Crumpton of Purpose Dweller, and we will be discussing how to find and stay committed to your purpose, during times of struggle and in the face of expectations.

We use Amy’s story of working in the high pressure, high stakes world of Wal-Mart; she climbed the corporate ladder and grew her career, but still felt empty and unfulfilled.

How did Amy deal with the expectations that her managers put on her, and the expectations she put on herself?

How did she deal with the fast-paced patriarchal environment?

What was her pivot point into finding her true purpose?

We answer these and many more questions in the struggle to find meaning throughout a difficult divorce. We also consider how we can start a dialogue within ourselves to answer our most difficult questions, and what it really feels like when we connect with a higher purpose.

Amy has been there, done that, and has some amazing advice to share! If you are going through similar experiences right now, Amy’s experiences will help you feel like you are not the only one.

This episode is perfect for you if:

You are in a high-flying job surrounded by masculine energy and are questioning if you want to continue this route.

You want to add more softness and direction toward a higher purpose, but don’t know where to start, or what it looks like.

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Time-stamped Show Notes

[04:35] High-pressure, high-expectations, and constant working to keep up. How this mentality pushed Amy into her corporate career.

[07:23] How Amy takes ownership of expectations, and explains the importance of realising there is choice in all we do.

[09:17] Taking on endless responsibility in a fast-paced life until we start to question ourselves.

[11:56] The on-the-side work Amy started that was her first pivot point into her purpose.

[13:09] How Amy is a “purpose junkie”. She had the fear that she was going to miss her purpose and, although she felt like it was time to leave her job, it wasn’t that straightforward.

[17:38] On the brink of divorce, much turmoil, and the second main pivot point – a white hot, shocking truth from her counsellor!

[25:27] How Purpose Dweller came about, and what working with teenage girls taught Amy about herself.

[29:10] Amy following her authentic heart – what does that mean, and how does it look? How life is a series of experiments [unique value point].

[37:14] How to start a conversation that will help you connect you with your inner purpose.

[40:33] The feeling Amy has when knows she is connecting to her higher purpose, rather than spinning in what she “should” be doing.

[44:30] How Amy taps into her feminine energy when it’s all too easy to live in the masculine energy all the time.

[46:14] Amy’s special girl for Curiously You listeners! Listen to the SOAK method, and download in the resources section.

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Key Take Homes

  1. That our purpose does not magically appear. It is unlikely that we will flick a switch one day and suddenly everything is perfect and we love what we do.
  2. When we see finding our purpose as a “series of experiments”, we inhabit our curious nature and embrace experiences as they come.
  3. That we are not looking to fully embody feminine energy, but step more into it, and find a balance between our masculine and feminine energy.


Amy’s special gift for the Curiously You listeners

Amy’s favourite books:

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

The Lies We Believe About God by Wm Paul Young

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Stephen Pressfield

Curious Question?

Amy’s SOAK method is to Stop. Own. Ask. Keep Going. When are where will you use this, and how might it help?​ 

Thanks so much for listening and, until the next episode, take care of yourself.

Much love,

Jen xx

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