44: Powerful Stories of Surrender and Trust in the Universe with Divine Grace Buszka

Today’s episode is the 44th of the Curiously You Podcast, and it is story time with Divine Grace Buszka. I often feel that we are all too often told to “do this” and “do that” when it comes to trusting in our path, but often the best way to understand the power of surrender and trust in the universe is simply to hear some powerful stories of when it worked.

Divine Grace shares with us three life-changing stories of the times she felt like she had reach rock bottom and supreme confusion and loss. It was only through surrender and faith that she was able to come out the other side.

We will be cruising down to warmer climates, starting a new life after divorce, and on a soul-seeking trip to Europe. Divine Grace shows us the power of surrender and trust in the most trying of moments, and how she came out stronger and in an even better place on the other side.

You’ll love this episode if you:

  • Feel like you have to be in control all the time. You believe that the outcome of any given situation is a result of you efforts to make it a “success” or “failure”.
  • Simply struggle with trusting and allowing in general, and is absolutely extends to the “divine” realms.

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Time Stamped Notes

[5:45] Divine is an energy healer, spiritual life coach and teacher living in San Diego. Drawing on her own journey of self love, she helps her clients along a similar path, helping them heal past wounds, and find a way to deeply know themselves.

Divine believes that you can transition from being in a state of fear into living in a state of love and in doing so uncover your true power. She loves her work, and started doing this through her own human and spiritual experiences. There is great value in connecting with Spirit, and Divine shares the moments where magic occurred.

[7:32] For the majority of her life, Divine was sad and uncomfortable in her own body and life. She always had doubt and insecurities about herself and was very lonely, and really wanted to move beyond this feeling.

Coming from the corporate world, she had physical and material security yet she still wasn’t happy. However, she always held a deep faith: during difficult times she always would be in prayer and turned to God, which she believes is what helped her to shift out of those states. In fact, this approach had supported her throughout life.

The realisation of the importance of spirituality led to her shifting course. Reading books became important, and she applied everything that she learnt, following teachers, mentors and gurus. She would attend talks and started applying the principles and ideas. Instead of looking at her experiences through life with anger and resentment, she would notice what the anger and resentment was trying to teach her.

With acceptance, she found peace. Through forgiveness her whole life was changing miraculously around her: the right people and opportunities were coming in, and she was happier.

[11:01] Having faith is simply believing that everything is going to work out well, no matter the experience, even if it was traumatic or seemed impossible to overcome.

Divine shares a story about almost missing her wedding to her first husband where it was set to be on a cruise ship. She kept listening to the Universe for signs, and in spite of the obstacles, she believed that she was going to make this happen. There was absolutely certainty she was going to do it.

For her, there was a completing knowing and trust in the Universe: there was no doubt, resistance or questioning. She just trusted what was in front of her and that it would work out.

[20:03] Divine divorced her husband a few years after, which bought her back to rock bottom. She felt like she had nothing left: she was in the red financially, and she felt like she couldn’t help anyone i the business she had started because she couldn’t help herself.

She was sad, mad, and sulking. Because of this she questioned “why”, then she realised that she didn’t have faith in the Universe anymore. She was resisting the path that she was on. Once she realised that this is how she was behaving, she began to open herself up to trusting again, and following what she felt guided to do. She asked for help, prayed and meditated and started to practice trust; she was where she needed to be, and had to learn what she needed to learn.

Divine found a job that was everything that she needed. It inspired confidence within her, and she felt a deep belief that she would get this job, and so she hit a brick wall when she was rejected for the position. She continued to persist knowing that she had to keep going and trust that she was on the right path. Overnight, she prayed for a job, a car, and a home for herself and her son.

Another wink from the Universe was received when she was called back and offered that same job from the company. She came back to the place of faith and trust, and stepped into her power to keep moving forward.

[28:36] Divine also feels an important part of having faith is knowing that you are very powerful. When you demand what you want with every bit of yourself (and for everyone’s highest good), and also know that you are worthy to ask, then this stepping into your power.

If you’re giving your highest and greatest good, sometimes it isn’t what you expect it to be. Sometimes the things that we think that we want, aren’t good for us. Other times the Universe puts on our path what we maybe didn’t ask for, but is good for us in our current circumstance and situation.

A few days later after she received the job, she received a large cheque in the mail. This was from her old mortgage company explained that they had wrongfully charged her. Her old house had been foreclosed before she got married, and so it was divine timing. And so during this entire difficult time of struggling to trust, it all worked out perfectly.

After this cheque arrived, she was able to secure a place to live for herself, and her child. From this new home that she was going to have the space to do the rest of her internal emotional work. It was where she would create peace and start building a new life.

[37:34] In Divine’s final story of trust and faith, she tells of how she booked plane tickets to go to the south of France. With no itinerary and no companions, she went where she was guided to go and she kept honouring her intuition.

She stayed with a beautiful family, and for a week and half she learned to be present in the moment. She stilled herself, and wherever she was she allowed herself to connect to people and environment, remaining present. During the last night there, she did a meditation, she worked through her forgiveness work and let go.

On the last night at sunset there were couples everywhere and, even though she was alone, she realised just how happy she was. She wasn’t afraid to be alone because she knew that she was becoming whole again at that very moment. She knew that she hadn’t completely forgiven herself, but she was on the path of forgiveness was such an incredible feeling of complete peace and transcendent joy and freedom.

[45:22] Even though you feel that you’ve done a great deal of work, know that it is continuous and you need to make your peace with failing, and commit to the path.

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Divine Grace is an author, spiritual teacher, life coach and energy healer. She works on bringing forth healing awareness, peace and balance to each of her clients. Her main goal is to transform from a state of fear to a state of love.

Books that Divine Grace recommends:

Real Magic by Dr Wayne Dyer

Manifest Your Destiny by Dr Wayne Dyer

The Power Of Your Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Ask and it is Given by Abraham Hicks

Curious Question

When you reflect in hindsight, when have you had faith and trust in the Universe and although it made absolutely no sense at the time, or it may have been painful, but everything worked out perfectly and you learned what you needed to learn.

Let us know in the comments!

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Thank you for tuning in curious friends, and thank you Divine Grace for joining us on the show this week!

Until the next episode, take care of yourself.


Jen x

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