41: Meditation, Crystals, Essential Oils, Tarot & Oracle Cards, Spirit Animals and More! Which Spiritual Tools Will Support Your Healing Journey? with Cherise Williams

Welcome to episode 41 of the Curiously You podcast! In today’s episode we are speaking with integrative healing arts practitioner Cherise Williams all about her healing journey through therapy, and how this process was catalysed by using a variety of healing tools, included meditation, crystals, essential oils, tarot and oracle cards, spirit animals and more.

We discuss the features and benefits of each of these supporting tools, and how utilising them could serve you. Each person is different, and so no one or more tools used in any combination is the ‘holy grail’ of spiritual healing.

Whether you are currently going through therapy (like Cherise was), being coached, or going it alone, listen through the various tools that Cherise uses to gain a better idea of which aligns best with your path.

You’ll love this episode if you:

– Have been working through a great deal of guilt, blame, and self-loathing, and you are ready to drop this to create a new outlook for yourself.

– Are making your first foray into spiritual healing tools, and want to find out more about each so you can choose which is best for you.

– You currently use some of these healing tools, but want to find out if you can diversify.

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Time Stamped Notes

[4:02] Cherise has been on a long journey to get where she is today. She felt lost and miserable earlier in life, and didn’t always have spiritual tools. The many difficult times in life brought her down, and she hated on herself. This resulted in a lot of drugs, alcohol and bad relationships.

When she became a mother, she stopped the drugs and partying. In her late 20’s she tried self-help, reading inspirational quotes every day. However, her path ignited when she turned 30 and found a therapist. Although in therapy she broke down lower than she had ever reached before, she didn’t have her old coping mechanisms of drugs and alcohol to turn to. She had to find new ways to fill herself up, and help herself on the journey to self-growth and self-love.

From a young age Cherise liked rocks and crystals and tarot cards. Now, in her spiritual practise, Cherise incorporates tarot cards, and has learned about essential oils and crystals. These were all were tangible and practical as well as powerful. They helped get her through the hard times, and build herself back up. She realised she was here to help other people who were going through difficulties through teaching them about these tools and techniques.

[7:43] As a child, Cherise was sexually abused, and she grew up witnessing domestic violence. Those were the major things that triggered her to close-off her emotions from others. She was scared, tearful, and sad, but never showed it. Even now when people who had know her hear her story they are surprised that she was so miserable.

[10:01] Cherise had taken on all of the guilt of the poor choices she had made, but she began to learn that she was not to blame for everything. She was in a poor state within herself when she had acted in the past, and so she didn’t need to hold onto the guilt.

She learned to create meaning around that guilt, and became accountable for her actions. This helped her break the self-loathing and destructive cycles. Cherise advises that if you are going through something and you’re not in the right mindset, exercise forgiveness: for yourself and others. In this process she learned that she was strong, even though all along she believed she was weak.

[12:27] It can be scary and difficult to be accountable. However, Cherise told herself that these things happen and she didn’t want to continue her life in the victim mentality.

She asked, “Are you going to learn from the mistakes you made in life, or are you going to go down the path of self loathing?” She encourages you to ask yourself this question if you are experiencing similar. You have the power to make your life better, nobody else. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my life better?”

[13:51] Even though you have a therapist, life coach or family, it’s a very personal journey and can feel lonely. She attributes how quickly she shifted her life to working with spirit guides, and spirit animals. Turning to your spiritual team helps you to connect with something bigger, and connect with Earth and the universe. This can give you a sense of purpose and feeling like you belong and have major support behind you, which we all do.

[15:58] Luckily she found a therapist who was logical and scientific, but also open to other healing modalities. Anything you can do that’s a positive thing to better yourself, he was all for it! There are plenty of therapists out there who will support you in incorporating more holistic and spiritual aspects to your healing journey.

Cherise has always been interested in different religions and practices. She started working with tarot cards when she got her first deck at aged thirteen. They can be used to ask what happens next, but they are more powerful as a tool for introspection and to look at the energies in your life. You can seek guidance on any pressing issue, and what you most need to focus on. It gives you a moment to just sit, distraction free, in silence and just connecting to yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

Tarot cards are a practical tool, they give a voice to your subconscious. A tarot is a 78 card deck and it’s always the same, but with different styles of artwork. The art may change and they can be interpreted intuitively, however the core cards and their meaning are always the same.

Oracle cards on the other hand can be any number of cards, any type of cards with any meaning, and any style of artwork.

[20:11] Cherise got to a point in therapy where she’d done the healing, and was in a better place, but there was still something missing. By incorporating spiritual and holistic modalities into her life, it added a deeper, broader foundation layer.

[22:04] When Cherise was really upset, she found that animals in general and her own animals would always come over and give her comfort. That was her first experience of animal energy, which prompted her to look into the spiritual side of animals.

Spiders were the first animals that Cherise began to notice. They would show up in her life, which was a sign from her spiritual team to keep going. It opened up this whole doorway to the belief that spirit animals are always trying to talk to us.

[23:45] When it comes to messages from animals, it’s about being more aware. You will get a feeling, or an unusual instance when you see an animal – that’s kind of a clue to you that the animal has a special message or meaning for you to explore. Anytime you get that special feeling, especially if you have repeat appearances from animals, you can look up their meaning.

[25:59] You’re Spiritual Team are the angels, guides and assertors, they are your personal support system. They can be loved ones who have passed on, angels, animals, or guides in general. It’s your whole team who help guide, support, and love you.

For Cherise, it wasn’t until she opened herself up to that path that she found there were synchronicities in meditations, dreams, and waking alert life – she could feel the different energies of guides. Your team is always there to give you guidance, you just have to be open to it, and you’ll start to notice the difference, too.

[28:31] Everybody is born sensitive and psychic. We can all pick up a pencil and draw – some can do it better than others. It’s kind of the same thing. For some people it comes naturally, whereas other people have to work on it. However, everybody has this ability.

In her daily practice, Cherise describes herself to be a very disorganised person. She never has a set time to do things, but she does make sure to incorporate at least 5 minutes of introspection or spiritual connection everyday. It could be an oracle card, smelling oils, or even more in depth by doing a meditation. She pulls cards every day, like oracle cards, a lot of them have messages on the card that help her to check in with herself, and her spiritual team, and to be aware of the message.

You can close your eyes for 3-5 minutes – it’s an easy and excellent way to shut out all the chaos around you and focus on your breath and feelings. Even the smallest things can have meaning when you close your eyes and breathe. The more you focus on the little things, the easier it becomes to tap into that space, and receive those messages. Takes some work to silence that logical and negative part of your brain, and to accept things as they are.

[33:07] Cherise uses oils for anything and everything; she regularly uses a blend for balance and calm. They’re good for meditation, and to breathe. She feels they work not only on a spiritual level, but also a physical level; they are called nature’s medicine for a reason. The instant you smell, it elicits emotions, and your brain releases chemicals.

Cherise loves lavender, which physically and emotionally stimulates relaxation. When you use oils and look up the meaning they stand for, it usually aligns which what you’re going through. Talk to somebody who is affiliated with oils to help steer you in the right direction in choosing the right oils for you.

[38:23] When it comes to crystals, Cherise grabs whatever is calling to her and looks up the meaning for it. They are there to help supports you, and your energetic body and chakra system. She uses the crystals depending on what she needs – she holds them during meditation and suggests that you do this in your non-dominant hand, as it is your receiving hand. This will allow you to receive the energies into your body while you meditate.

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Cherise Williams is a certified integrative healing arts practitioner, spiritual guide and Do-Terra essential oils educator. She uses crystals, coaching, guided imagery, card reading, aromatherapy and other modalities in her practice to help facilitate healing, spiritual connection and empowerment. Her purpose is to help others find their light and magic.

Connect with Cherise:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animal and Animal Spirit Helpers by Steven Farmer

The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing by Margaret Anne Lembo

The Crystal Healer: Crystal Prescriptions That Will Change Your Life by Phillip Permutt

Curious Question

Consider Cherise’s question:

“Are you going to learn from the mistakes you made in life, or are you going to go down the path of self loathing?”

What can you learn from the mistakes you made in life? How might they serve your growth path?

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