40: Pioneer Your Own Spiritual Path, Unleash Your Inner Wisdom, and Create An Unconventional Life with Hellè Weston

Welcome to the 40th Episode of the Curiously You podcast where we are speaking with intuitive coach Hellè Weston about pioneering your own spiritual path, dropping into and trusting your own inner wisdom, and creating an unconventional life.

Hellè walks us through her unconventional upbringing and how for the longest time she felt like she didn’t belong. We discuss how it feels to be out of alignment with your heart’s purpose, and her experience of going through a breakdown. This difficult time opened up the way for some unconventional spiritual and healing practices including channelling, hypnotherapy, and natural remedies.

You’ll love this episode if you:-

– Are struggling to find an aligned spiritual practice that feels good for you, and you want to create an intention going forward.

– Want some assurances that your unorthodox life choices is perfectly fine, you are not alone with being unconventional!

– Are embarking on a spiritual awakening journey, and would like some support around how this has looked for Hellè.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[4:49] Helle’s unconventional path began when she was born to eccentric patents. She was born in the red light district of Auckland, New Zealand, and there were prostitutes and nightclubs everywhere. It was a very unusual environment to grow up in.

She was an empathetic and sensitive child, and her parents struggled to manage her. She saw things others didn’t, and had an intensity that made her feel like she did not belong. Her parents were DJ’s and her house became the central hub for creativity and socialising. As a result she had more adult friends than child peers.

As the years went by, the sense of not belonging persisted. Out of necessity and desperation to find answers and comfort it led her to explore more. Initially, her response was to shut down her sensitivity and try her best to blend in with others and be what she thought “normal” would look like. It didn’t go so well for her as felt unnatural, and she felt alone.

Fast forward into her late teens, while she was travelling she began to soul search and found a purpose: to become a stylist. She dove right into fashion, and for years she climbed the career ladder, styling covers, and becoming a fashion editor for an online magazine.

On paper, it looked really impressive for such a young person, yet she found it difficult to pretend that all was well. Whilst the job fuelled her creativity, she felt she was giving nothing back to the planet’s deeper needs.

Eventually through inward reflection, she stopped working, and her body became unwell. It was a breakdown, and so she began to focus on her healing. She turned away from medication toward natural medicine, learned about plant-based diet, and looked at the mind-body relationship. She eventually began hypnotherapy, which then inspired her to study clinical hypnotherapy. At the same time she dove deep into mediation as a practice.

During one of her meditations, she unexpectedly had a being appeared in front of her in her mind’s eye. She thought it was her imagination, but it opened up her curiosity. As she was perceiving him, he gave such detailed explanations about who he was.

[13:49] When Hellè was growing up, she could perceive spirits every single day and was aware that they surrounded her. She had so much fear about these unseen worlds. She always said, “I don’t want to see you!”.

The way this being appeared was human like, but she knew he wasn’t human. She asked him, is this your true form? He changed into an alien appearance and asked again, if this was his true form and he began to say that he was a multi-dimensional being.

[16:05] When this initially happened – it was really unexpected but it felt unusually safe. It’s like you meet someone you feel like you’ve known all along. Sometimes you have those interactions in the physical world.

After she started receiving messages, it didn’t stop. From that initial contact, she received messages every day. She would write pages and pages, without any thoughts. Resistance to this experience was the fear of what people would think, which truly terrified her. Her friends weren’t into this kind of thing and she didn’t have anybody that she knew that was having any experience remotely like this. She thought people would think she was crazy.

She also felt sceptical on herself, so she tried to look at any blind spots. Was she right in her mind? We are all human and we all have that conditioning going on. And to be the person that this happens to – it felt very inconvenient.

[19:36] After the initial contact experience, information she had never conceived of was shared with her. She jumped onto Google and realised this information is already out there, hidden in plain sight. It’s up to us to choose to look for it or not.

How would humanity respond if all of this information was dumped on us in one go? Instead, there is a gradual seeding of truth so we can assimilate it. This allow our consciousness to process and apply the teachings that the higher civilisations show us to treat our planet with the respect it deserves.

[23:25] She believes that this knowledge is accessible to everyone however it may not be on everyone’s path.

What these beings have to offer us are teachings we can apply on a ground level. A simple way someone could start is through meditation. Helle’s come to understand that these experiences are possible for us when we evolve our physiology. She changes her brain waves when she enters into an altered state during meditation. She learned self-hypnosis, which is what allows her to drop her brainwaves very quickly. When you learn to hypnotise yourself, you allow your whole body to relax in a matter of seconds.

[26:00] A good place to start is to look at rapid relaxation meditation, you can learn self-hypnosis and rapid relaxation which allows you to enter a state similar to what you would be working with a hypnotherapist. You’re allowing all of the mind chatter to be put aside and dropping more into the subconscious.

[27:05] It takes a lot of bravery to go through this. It can show up in many different ways as we continue in our awakening journey – the more we realise how much depth there is occurring in every single moment.

All of us love to feel safe and familiar – it’s entering into the unknown that is scary. As we embark on this journey, it’s important to have discernment: what’s the intention, what do you want to find? For Hellè, there was no agenda, as she wasn’t seeking anything. If women want to open up more, check in and create the clearest possible intention for yourself. Feel into your inner guidance, and avoid being naïve. As you become more aware, you become more aware of the light and shadows. We are in a dualistic reality, and so you need to have your wits about you.

[30:00] One of the simplest things you can do to be cosmic-smart is to use prayer – simple prayer. Ask for guidance of the highest good as you enter into the experience, ask that you be safe, protected and surrounded by love. This is enough to create that for yourself.

[32:47] The message is about unconditional love – how to practice it more in your everyday life. Offshoots from that are teachings about humility, being sincere on spiritual journey, and being free from ego and identity. It’s about being humble and kind.

Hellè has also learned the beauty of being able to move through life anchored in a deep sense of trust and neutrality. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own or worldly dramas. It’s important to care about what’s happening, and our own needs on a personal level, however there is a broader perspective that we can adopt. As cliché as it sounds, we must trust: everything is happening in divine order.

[36:40] You’re not trying to remove the issues of those she works with, rather she’s reached the point where she is curious about what gems might be hidden in those issues, and what can be created from them.

Society has changed around Hellè, and also shaped her gradually. She has let go of a lot, and done work around self-acceptance. She’s lived in two worlds – a stable inner-world foundation, but a challenging the outer world.

She cared about what people thought – not all her family knows about what she does, or would believe or accept it. It hurts and gets her down. She feels like her genuine personal experience is not fully and completely understood by the mainstream. It has allowed her to make a commitment to honour herself everyday as no amount of approval can fill that void – only self-love and self-approval can.

She moved from NZ to travel more, learn more about different cultures, which has landed her in Bali in Ubud. It’s a spiritual hub of the world and a part of her reason of moving there has been to give herself permission to be who she is, and embrace the experiences she has. In Bali, these topics are conversation on the street, and not anything super out there.

[43:48] The more she’s accepted herself, the more she’s naturally attracted people who resonate with her. The more you own who you are, the more the people who don’t resonate with you will fall away, and you will start attracting your tribe.

Take one step at a time and be gentle with yourself, you don’t need to push and rush. This is why it has taken her this time to process and build up an ability to stand in who she is. In the west, we can get into such a rush to arrive to be in our full power and it feels very all or nothing, so we can become frozen.

Take baby steps as simple as when you’re at work, instead of hiding the self help book – put it out on the table and someone might see it and make a comment. Instead of playing yourself down, make conscious decisions to be authentic to things that don’t resonate anymore.

You will look back on the little steps that honoured yourself will allow you to have the freedom you do today.

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Hellè Weston is an intuitive life coach, breath worker, body talk practitioner, speaker, channel. She supports women in connecting with the deepest most vulnerable parts of themselves to receive insights, breakthroughs healing and inspiration to move their life forward to their dreams.

Connect with Hellè:

helleweston.com| Instagram

Recommended Books

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The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

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Curious Question

What is your intention as you embark on your own spiritual journey? What are you seeking and how might this inform the path you decide to take?

Let us know in the comments what you uncover!

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