34: Part 2 Align By Understanding and Harmonising With Your Life’s Seasonal Cycles with Lauren Aletta

Welcome to Part II of the interview with Lauren Aletta! Last week we spoke about humans as vibrational and energetic beings, and this week we move onto our seasonal cycles as showing up in different areas of life – work, romance, friendships, finance. Importantly, we learn how those seasons – when understood, embraced and worked with – create harmony and ease in our life-experience.

Spring, summer, autumn (fall for our US listeners!), and winter: we all know about that, right? Yet what if seasonal cycles don’t only occur in nature, but are also reflected in our life experiences? You wouldn’t wear a big winter coat to a summer festival, nor would you have flowers in your hair and feel light and open during a long, cold blizzard. Yet by acting in this misaligned way as we move through the seasonal cycles of our life can create pain, difficulty and resistance.

If we make changes to our outlook, approach, and behaviour, during our different seasons, our life will become flooded with ease, harmony and clarity – whether riding the peaks, or wading through the troughs.

In today’s episode, Lauren helps us understand the features of each season. What internal and external signs to look out for, the best way to approach events that typically occur throughout the seasons to ensure we transition smoothly and in flow through each one.

You’ll love this episode if you:

– Feel like different areas of life: work, romance, and friendships (to name a few), are an uphill struggle. It could be you are fighting the approaching season (nooooo, I love summer!), or behaving out of alignment with the best practices of each season.

– Want to infuse your life experience with more meaning by embracing the struggles, and the learning that comes with them, as tightly and lovingly as the wonderful happy highs.

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Time-stamped Show Notes

[6:08] Lauren believes that from the soul perspective, it knows why you are here, and what are you here to achieve. From the human perspective, the same perspective can be difficult to work out.

If we follow our inner feeling from start to finish, we find that the route we need is mapped out on the inside. The soul evolves, expands and explores to become more You.

The Seasonal Cycles

Winter: A person who is unhappy in his or her work is an example of someone who is going through a winter cycle. They hadn’t always felt this way, yet they are beginning to realise that have outgrown the reason which got them into that work in the first place.

During winter, we are often unavoidably facing things that we’ve never faced before, and so we may feel depressed. Depression usually arises from healed wounds, or not sourcing appropriate tools to navigate through the winter.

We humans have become programmed to be unaccountable for the winter-period. And so, instead of confronting the issue, medication is taken for our depression. Yet, this is a time to check with yourself. We can’t find our way out of this difficult place if we can’t be really be honest with ourselves.

Winter is the completion of something. It’s calling to let you know that you’ve outgrown something, and asking you to move through it. You must finish up anything that might be attached.

During the third part of winter – there is something else that you’re being called towards. It’s you becoming the energetic upgrade so you can expand into the next level of you. We will find that there is a tipping point between the end of winter and beginning of spring.

Winter is not the most pleasant season, but it is most transformative season. You have to be internally active in winter, because externally you will probably want to be reclusive.

[13:37] Spring is thrilling and exciting. You get an internal fluttery sensation, life slowly comes back to you, and you being to feel excited for things to come.

You are looking at yourself through new eyes. Ideas are coming to you, and you start to take action toward this new-found sense of inspiration. It’s important to know that your mind can’t tell you how you’re going to get there, but your internal prompts will. You will feel light and fresh; you are flying, and intuitively navigating through all that spring brings.

[15:15] Summer is the manifestation of what you’re excited about. Everything is coming together, you’re taking action, and it’s fast paced as your inspirations come to life. You will become very busy. Summer is not as intuitively driven as winter or spring, rather it is externally focused.

However toward the end of summer, you’ll start to feel flickers of Autumn.

[17:15] During Autumn you are looking to re-experience the thrill and excitement of high summer. Intuitively, you will know when you’re forcing things. We are often quite tired – energetically and physically. Autumn is a time to reflect upon, and take stock, of what we have achieved. There is a mission for each cycle that we enter into, and in Autumn we are heading toward completion. This will lead us back into winter.

There are varying degrees of intensity for winter. It can be dark, heavy, and cold, or things can become still and quiet. You know that you’re due another growth phase when you return to the beginning of winter.

[19:46] There many facets in life: work, love, relationships, financial, home and these all go through seasonal cycles. There are wheels within wheels. The inner wheels have seasonal cycles; they are all cogs in this larger wheel, which is the overarching wheel of You.

We seem to notice shifts mostly in personal relationships and our career. In time, we begin to discover that we come out the other side feeling refreshed.

[22:55] We must move in process from one seasons to the next, and be open to what we need to learn about ourselves in each season. When we attempt to skip seasons by manipulating the circumstances of our life, we are missing the lessons that are open to us during that time.

For example, if you’re chasing spring all the time you will find the same kinds of issues repeating. You are not prepared to travel through the cycle, and recognise that these issues are needed as part of your learning within that season.

25:53 Life is made up of the following pillars: love and relationships, career and work, money and finance. For example, in terms of career and work, passion and purpose is increasingly spoke about across social channels. People and icons in the world that are living their passion light us up; you can tell that they have this message, and you can feel their excitement. Overall, these pillars are based off social and western frameworks of culture upon which we have created our lives.

Within these pillars, we have our own beliefs and own values, which inherit from our own family. For example, financial beliefs inherited from parents and grandparents that were formed in response to what was going on in the world when they were alive. These beliefs get threaded down through the energetic lineage, and the family line.

We need to make a story up about what it is that we experienced in order to make sense of the world, and so we attach a narrative, and beliefs are born. Those beliefs were created to keep ourselves safe, and it is only through being curious and exploring their origin and validity that we can begin to mould and shift them in our experience.

[33:42] When we are taught that something is the right way to be, we don’t allow ourselves to know ourselves. We can’t make an informed decision about who we are, what we want, and what we’re capable of, we just do as we are told. We’ve been so confined and defined by somebody else’s view of life. Lauren provides some examples from her life, and others’ lives, to explain this.

We are forever going through these seasonal cycles, and there are no “good” or “bad” points about what we experienced within them. Society asks us to stay out of the winter, however it’s part of the process, and also the most transformative season.

As we expand into more and more of ourselves. There needs to be a level of acceptance for part of the process as it creates contentment no matter what phase you’re in. Lauren then talks about an example of how she went through a seasonal process with anxiety.

[48:15] Listen to your internal voice during anxiety, and you will be ok. When most of the little cogs in your wheel are in a winter you are experiencing a life deconstruction. You will begin crumbling – your internal frameworks, your human self, and what you’ve created your identity upon. You will hit ground zero. But this is the place from which you can rebuild.

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Curious Question

Where might you be going through a ‘winter’ in the different facets of your life e.g. work, finances, home, romance?

What would you be doing differently if you fully embraced and fell in love with the transformative power of the winter you’re going through.

Let us know in the comments about your winter, and how you might move through it harmoniously.

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Thanks so much for tuning in curious friends! I hope the second part of this podcast interview has given you clarity on which season you are in for the different areas of your life, and overall. Plus how to move through these seasons in full alignment.

Until the next episode, take care of yourself.


Jen x

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