33: Part 1 You Are An Energetic Being: Vibrational Communication, Energetic Inheritance, Plugging Energy Leaks and More with Lauren Aletta

Welcome to Part 1 of the Curiously You podcast conversation with teacher, writer and intuitive guide Lauren Aletta. Listen in as we discuss aligning with our intuition, making sense of energetic ties across lifetimes, and distinguishing between our human-self, and our soul-self.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room, but you stop in your tracks suddenly because you can’t remember why you walked in there, what you were looking for, or where to find it? This episode is about that feeling… only the room is your life.

You KNOW there must be a reason why you are where you are: the way you react to certain things, how you perceive the world, the things your scared of, the events that keep repeating in different clothes… but for the life of you, you don’t know why. This episode may shed some light on that feeling of confusion, unfinished business, and anxious anticipation.

Lauren helps you understand how to align with your inner soul-self. In doing so, become fluent in your own energetic layers: the frequencies you give off, the transference of energy across your many lifetimes, and how to communicate through your vibration.

You’ll start to make sense of genetic and family inheritances that result in patterns repeating. Lauren also helps you to understand the importance of cleaning up your energy, un-blocking any stagnant energies, and plugging-up any energetic leakages/drains.

This episode is perfect for you if:

– You’ve always had this feeling that you only know half the story about who you are, and have a raging curiosity to fill in the gaps;

– Have an interest in humans as energetic-beings;

– Want to know how it looks to align with the “inner voice”, “inner-being”, intuition, or true-self (however you wish to call it), and what the result of that may look like in your life.

Remember, part 2 of this podcast will be going live next week!

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Time-stamped Show Notes

[4:33] Lauren is very curious. She secretively explored her intuitive nature during her teens and twenties. Throughout life she has always been intuitive, and could perceive and sense things that most people can’t perceive by the naked eye.

Before diving into her intuitive path, Lauren had a background of social work and social services. She supported  remote indigenous communities and families through life.

[6:22] Lauren’s friends would say that she would often “pull a face,” when she was aligning herself with her intuition. In her intuitive state, Lauren can read another’s soul and, in doing so, sense an undercurrent of memory that tells a certain story about that person.

These memories act as threads of information that travel with the person through their lifetimes; they are places and events that their soul has experienced. Each person has a distinct energetic make-up, Lauren connects with this information and interprets the different layers of energies in that person. She acts as a mediator, making sense of where any disconnect lies, which may be informing their behaviours.

When people say, “it runs in the family,” they tend to be referring to genetics or family behaviours. However, Lauren explains that families can experience “energetic inheritance”, that is, particular beliefs – or vibrations – are handed down the family lineage.

Humans have the ability to intuitively read energy. However, we are taught to squash down our inherent knowing, and have a bias towards what is logical. Intuition – or inner voice – comes from the human internal guidance system. It’s that part of us that knows exactly who we are, and what is going to help us thrive in life.

It takes incredible bravery, self-confidence, and self-love to live a life that is aligned with that inner voice. That inner voice is our foundation, and is unique to each individual.

[14:42] Lauren explains the difference between the “human-self and the “soul-self”.

The human-self has beliefs, idiosyncrasies, and subscriptions of thought. She likes to dress a particular way to akin herself to a particular identity, and how she is feeling internally is usually mirrored externally.

As Lauren began to connect with her internal soul-self, she became aware that she was hurting, unhappy, and desperate to break away. She began to realise that she had different beliefs to what she was taught, and what was seen by society as “right”. Over time she started to get more curious about what would happen if she were to give over ownership of her whole-self to her soul-self.

It can be difficult at first to tune into your soul-self, and taking the leap is the hardest part of the process. However, once you do it, everything begins to gets easier. Lauren felt a burning purposeful desire to be who she truly was. She knew that woman inside was far better than anyone she could try be on the outside.

[20:05] Humans are like radio station frequency towers as we emit and receive information all the time.

And so, firstly, it doesn’t matter how you look, you can’t hide who you are, ever, and secondly, we can’t not be intuitive – it’s who we are at our very foundation! We must choose to align with that internal part of ourselves, then how everybody in the outside world decides to “size you up” is none of your business.

[22:55] Lauren talks about how she was raised in a religious household with a strong connection to the Christian faith, and a very traditional sense of “God”. Intuitively, even though she believed in God, she felt God was so much bigger than what she was being taught.

Some people have strong memories of previous lifetimes. It can cause a physical reaction such as tears, strong emotions, or a revelation as to why they are the way they are. When people have a natural gift or interest, it is not only because of their energetic make up, influences, or because they are vibrationally are that way, it’s because they have had many lifetimes of doing that thing. That is the explanation for the “natural disposition”, it is because they have done it lots of times before.

Humans are a culmination of so many different experiences. In fact, each person that you have a genetic bloodline to have a very long energetic history. This is in additional to the cultural frequencies that we process from multiple places as once. We have been so narrowly taught that we are the make-up of just what we have learnt in this life and incarnation and our parents.

[28:48] Time is not linear, time is stacked. So the “you” from centuries ago is still vibrationally active, that is why you can feel and sense it now. It could be that there is a part of your soul that has been abandoned: you’ve left it there, or you’ve disowned it. For you to retrieve your soul, you have to return to that place, and it’s not always going to be a pleasant experience for you.

If you decided to go back, your logical mind won’t know how to get there. And yet internally, you will know exactly how to go back there. You will know when you’re ready, and you will know when you’re not. If you can feel that, then you are opening up to getting back to being you.

Throughout lifetimes, you may experience energy leaks. These are the connections to past traumas, which can manifest in this lifetime as serious addictions, or stories and beliefs.

The older you get, the more tired you become. This is because you have a long-standing series of energetic connections to unfinished businesses, which can be linked with people, events or time-space. Or it could be that you are withholding power from someone else, or yourself.

Cleaning up that stuff, or calling back your energy, is the only way to make empowered decisions to move forward. Start to unplug, block, and clean up places where your energy is leaking out.

[35:45] Your internal voice, self, or feelings is usually subtle. However, it’s not subtle when you start to slowly turn your attention to it.

As a comparison, a blind person’s hearing, and a deaf person’s sight, may not be subtle. They have learned to train their attention in a way that is different to how others with both sight and hearing have become accustomed. Likewise, we focus our attention in a way that makes sense to our logical mind, rather than the subtleties of our intuition.

Essentially, we have been taught to look at the world and ourselves through a single window, and not all of the different windows that are available.

[39:45] In the very beginning it can be difficult to align with our internal selves. We have been taught to pay attention to what we see, know, and what logically makes sense. When there is an issue that we can feel, sometimes we trick ourselves into not going with our gut instinct. For example, there is a person that is someone hiding something from you. Logically, their words make sense, but you still is a feeling of uneasiness.

The more than you develop your skill to understand these soul-frequencies, the more you will be able to rewire and remodel yourself align internally first, and then align externally. You will be increasing perceptive around what is occurring in different layers of you.

You will feel the discord and inner friction from what you’ve known and believed. However, the clearer you get, the more intuitively perceptive you will become. It’s also important to empty your mind so that there is space for new things to come in.

[44:26] Emotions are different to feelings. Feelings are sensations and the way that your soul-self speaks to your human-self. Feelings are in the moment, it’s making sense of a present sensation.

To be continued next week…

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Curious Question

What is a familial personality trait that may be the in-joke in your family? Or perhaps a trait that you see in you siblings, aunts, nieces and nephews and so on?

What could that be telling you about your energetic inheritance?

For me, it’s the Irish Fire! My mum is Irish, strong as an ox, short temper, and doesn’t mince her words. It’s only recently that I made some sense of this from reading Gone with the Wind. The main character in this book, Scarlett O’Hara has some serious Irish sass and feistiness! The parallels with the Irish side of my family and this character were uncanny.

I always thought that was a side of myself was an unhealthy reflect reaction to some unhealed past trauma, to be released calmly from a zen place. Now I’m staring to fall in love with the natural flare-up fire that brews inside!

I’d love to know what you have learned about yourself through exploring your family energetic inheritance. Let me know in the comments section!

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Thanks so much for tuning in curious friends. Be sure to join us next week for the second part of this interview with Lauren Aletta!

Wishing you healthy and wholesome energy in the coming week.


Jen x

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