32: Flow Alchemy: Release Your Fears, Align with Flow, and Instantly Manifest Your Desires with Joanna Turner

Welcome to Episode 32 of Curiously You podcast with flow alchemist and spiritual success mentor Joanna Turner. In today’s episode we discuss allowing flow alchemy into our lives so we can lessen our resistance, and heighten our productivity and abundance.

Joanna shares her story of experiencing an accident and caused her to change the direction of her life, and led her on an entrepreneurial nomadic journey in which she experienced flow in its most concentrated state. What she is learning on this path allows her to teach others about the power of flow.

We discuss some of the “levers” that get you into the flow state, in which your consciousness is heightened, you experience true alignment, and it becomes possible to instantly manifest your desires.

How is it possible to get into the flow state when you are so used to being in resistance? The flow state has faith in divine influence and love. How can we start to feel faith in this power when we always feel fully responsibly and controlling of all outcomes in our lives?

You’ll love this episode if you:

– tend to be a Planny McPlannerson and want to learn how to surrender and ease into flow in your life;

– feel stuck in day-to-day tasks. You create goals, but never feel like you get any closer to achieving them;

– want to learn more about manifestation, flow, and abundance and how it might work for you.

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Time Stamped Notes

[6:54] Joanna used to be an accountant, but it didn’t fulfil her. She has been running her own business for 3 years now. She is a very curious character, always looking ways to feel more alive and find meaning in life. This has taken her on amazing adventures around the world.

She became a volunteer for Life Safer, which involved taking people from fear to a qualified life safer by the end of six weeks. The transformations she witnessed made this experience one of the most fulfilling experiences of her life.

One day she took the brunt of a big wave on her lower back. The next day she couldn’t get out of bed and it seemed like the worst thing in the world. That was the turning point in her life – she realised she wasn’t listening to wake-up call that was appearing in signs all around her. This incident gave her the space to study, ask more questions, and think about doing something different.  She started health coaching, and after six months she quit her job and dived in head-first, becoming a business coach, and life coach. This transformation has shifted her life ever since.

Joanna lives as a digital nomad with a PO Box and a couple of suitcases. She realised quite recently that this nomadic lifestyle is necessary for the moment in order live fully in flow and learn about its powers. When you’re travelling, you’re almost forced into flow: when you try to fight or control it, you notice very quickly that it acts against you. She has learned to trust and surrender on a very deep level.

Flow-state on a micro level is being in the zone where you feel that intense focus. You are able to get tons of work done in one day. It’s a place where judgment stops, and creativity is heightened. You are at one with yourself and spirit, which allows you to create beautiful things. The problem with this state is that it’s addictive because 5 specific neuro-chemicals are produced; people can literally get high in this state!

Joanna didn’t want to chase this fleeting high, she wanted to live in flow – on the bigger scale this is about instant manifesting, and expanding consciousness. It means that you’re flowing with such purpose, abundance and money that there is limitless opportunity. Things happen instantly. She has to be so conscious of her thoughts to ensure they remain positive otherwise she will literally have something show up.

[17:51] There are 17 different levers to get to the state of flow, Joanna discusses one of these called “risk-induced flow”. A lot of people get addicted to procrastination, the problem is there is too much we sacrifice to fuel the high received when the task is finally completed. This is not productive to creating flow-state.

Joanna realised her purpose to elevate and activate people into the frequency of flow. This triggered her to write an e-book, and also wrote 18 emails, which took her half an hour each. Usually she couldn’t get that done in a day.

[23:18] Another one of the 17 levers in flow is to release your fear. This is usually the first step when you’re in the fear of the over-thinking planning stage.

First of all, getting out of your head and into your body is the fastest way to get into flow. This could mean going for a run, yoga, playing with your kids, stepping away for your desk. It is crucial, and probably one of the best things you can do so the best ideas come to you. If the idea comes as a flash of inspiration, on a walk, meditation, this is usually a divinely charged idea.

You probably won’t feel in flow while watching a Game Of Thrones marathon – consuming yourself in someone else’s creation probably won’t inspire your own.

[25:41] The more fear you can release; the more flow you can experience. The more skilled you are at something, the easier it is to be in flow. So, for example, as a new entrepreneur it’s much harder to experience flow because you are not yet skilled in this area.

When you’re in that phase of practice and learning as new entrepreneurs, it will be awkward before it is elegant. You just need to be compassionate with yourself, and see the progress you are making rather than looking at where you have not reached yet. This is the point where most people tend to get off track, but you must learn to fall in love with the struggle.

It all comes down to mindset; a difference between a fixed and a growth mindset, with the latter being where you enjoy learning and enjoy taking the risks.

[29:43] The sweet spot is to push your comfort zone by 4%.

Most entrepreneurs get stuck in their comfort zone and they don’t push it at all. Other people push them too far and get paralysed by fear that way. So small little pushes are best at the beginning rather than giant leaps, which you should only do if you are ready, and can manage.

And so, start to gain some trust and faith in yourself by winning in some small challenges first, then surrender and to let go of the outcome and control. Allow yourself to drop into the more “feminine space”. For example, start to create rituals around the flow process like lighting a candle, playing meditation music. It could be as simple as closing down all the tabs on your computer, and turn off the Wi-Fi. Or perhaps create variety in location, which helps get into the flow state.

Go to local café and ensure that you have a really clear goal in mind: the more specific you can get, the more likely you are to get in flow. It’s about fully surrendering your life with trust and faith to the universe, higher purpose, creator – or whatever you want to call it – knowing that you can’t do this on your own. To get fully into flow you must set strong intentions for what you desire, and lean into the belief that you are fully taken care of and that everything will always work out.

[44:23] The Universe works through many things. A friend, in traffic, on Facebook, you can sit next to the right person on the bus – it doesn’t have to be something crazy. Synchronicities happen all the time. You can experience flow by noticing the small things, asking for signs and by being super specific – enough for you to take notice. Ask for them, notice them, get in touch with what you really want.

[47:41] To explore the concept of asking the Universe, you first need to get into a state of being present in yourself. From there you can become skilled at asking outwardly. Because asking is essentially intention setting – so write out a list of things you want to do or experience.

Instant manifesting comes more when you are living in flow as an entire life journey. Joanna talks about how she wanted to manifest a legitimate reason to go to Melbourne. Following this, she then received a Facebook message from someone about hosting a workshop and speaking in Melbourne.

Another time, she also asked for a specific sign about creating a home-base, and she came across a beautiful butterfly metaphor. She asked for a bigger sign, and a little girl came up with a caterpillar. She told her not to be afraid of it because in a few days, this caterpillar will become a butterfly.

Furthermore, it’s important to let go of the outcome and the attachment. You may ready for it, but if it doesn’t happen, you have to make peace with the outcome either way.

[51:13] Goal-setting can be very limiting and can make you feel awful. Joanna gives an example of a client who set a goal of making $10k for that month in revenue. The client ended up making $8,800! It was her highest month in sales ever, however she did not want to celebrate this milestone because it fell short of her desired $10k mark.

This is when goals become dangerous because you feel disappointed and begin to judge yourself, which is the worst energy ever to bring into your space and can actually resist your flow.

[54:33] There is a fine line between “allowing” and “doing” in terms of action.

Thoughts need to be made into action, but there needs to be a balance between the masculine and feminine because you can’t manifest with one, and without the other. We must remember that feminine embodiment is not at the disregard of masculine action-taking.

Creating balance is very important – in business too. Whilst you want the ideas to come from feminine, divine place, you want apply masculine systems and structures to create them. To allow this kind of flow and inspiration to come in, you must stop controlling the situation. Send love and gratitude, and set new intentions.

[01:02:04] At the beginning of the flow process, the best thing to do is to take a risk: Just something. There are at least three things you’ve been putting off for a reason. Take action with one thing that would move your business forward. Take some form of action towards a goal that you’ve been putting off, and it will start to flow.

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Connect with Joanna Turner

Joanna Turner is the featured guest and she is originally from Scotland but considers herself a digital nomad. She is a Flow alchemist, a leading spiritual success mentor advanced, ETF and master NLP practitioner and a former Charted Accountant.

Currently, she is a mentor to female entrepreneur and specialises in busting money and visibility blocks and helping others awaken their infinite possibilities. Acting as a bridge between the spiritual and business world gained from 17 year’s experience in finance spent in board rooms with CEO’s of finance companies, Joanna aids the set up of off shore startup companies.

She is a certified shamanic and reiki practitioner who has recently nominated for Telstra Business Woman of the Year award in the 2016 entrepreneurship category.

Website: Mission For Balance | The Entrepreneur Edge

Social: Facebook | Instagram


Joanna’s recommended books:

Mindset: Changing the Way You Think to Fulfil Your Potential by Carol Dweck

The Universe Has Your Back: How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What by Gabrielle Bernstein

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Leveraging The Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic by Mike Dooley

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer

Curious Question

Everyone has at least three things they have been putting off for some reason or another.

They are important to your path in life, but you may be resisting or experiencing fear around them. What are those three things for you?

Pick one.

Now take one action that will move you one step closer to fulfilling that experience.

Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks so much for tuning in Curious Friends, I wish you every drop of flow in the coming week.

And until next time, take care of yourself.


Jen x

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