22: Lessons On Being a Free-Spirit from a Child of the 60’s with Rifka Kreiter

Welcome wild and curious friends! Today we are learning how to liberate our honest-to-goodness free-spirit with author Rifka Kreiter, who experienced the authentic origins of the ‘wild-child’.

Today’s episode is a story-telling. Hear first-hand tales of the cultural revolution, political activism and spiritual enlightenment of the sixties. Rifka dives into her story starting with her difficult upbringing in which her parents separated at a time when such things were a rare occurrence. Rifka had what she describes as a traumatic childhood, and so we discuss the process of healing these old wounds through psychotherapy and spiritual enlightenment.

What was it really like to be at the women’s marches in the 60’s? To experience the rise of feminism and to suddenly become aware of the immense cultural undermining of women, and fight for better rights? How can we capture some of that same free-spiritedness and inner resilience in today’s modern world?

You’ll love this episode if:

– You have been considering psychotherapy but wonder what to expect from it, before, during and after.

– You are a secret wild-child and have a romantic appreciation for the sex, drugs and rock & roll of the sixties!

– Love to put your earphones in and have some first-hand story-telling.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[04:11] Rifka’s parents fled Nazi Germany, and divorced. She traveling a lot as a child, being unsettled combined with other truama led to a difficult and painful childhood.

[07:53] Being a child of the 60’s, going through therapy to heal her trauma. Tools used in psychotherapy to reflect, drop defences, and become more self-aware.

[14:02] How life will always bring up new challenges that will aggravate trauma that we thought we had completely reconciled or healed, but tools we develop and hone make these experiences easier.

[14:54] Technique for dealing with the inner critic [unique value point].

[17:19] Building self-esteem and value, and liberation through political activism in the 60’s.

[20:57] The start of the women’s movement, what was it really like back in the 60’s? When you started questioning the cultural view, you saw it everywhere.

[25:44] Women’s consciousness raising groups, is it time to bring this back?

[27:36] Starting the spiritual path, and the years of sex, drugs and rock & roll.

[31:54] Transcendental meditation.

[40:16] The meditation Rifka uses, and the experience that meant she couldn’t quite believe in the power of her own suffering anymore [unique value point].

[48:35] The importance of having a spiritual teacher.

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Key Take Homes

Just when you think you’ve completely heal a past wound, something new will happen that will make you question, ‘Hang on, I thought I was over that?’ We must always use and adapt and improve our tools to cope with these eventualities.

Meditation is the way to enlightenment, but you need to stick to it.

It is crucial to have a spiritual teacher or guru to help you on your path.


Rifka Kreiter’s Website

Home Free: Adventures of a Child of the Sixties by Rifka Kreiter

Curious Question

How would like be different if you didn’t believe in the power of your own suffering anymore?

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Thanks so much for listening Curious Friends! Until next time be sure to nurture and encourage that inner 60’s free-spirited wild-child!


Jen x

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