20: The Work-Life Balance Is Over! Introducing the “Blend”: How To Create Your Ideal Life In A Messy World with Lee Lee Thompson

News flash Curious Friends! The work-life balance is so last season! Have you heard about the work-life blend?

In this episode we speak with Editor-in-Chief of The Perpetual You Magazine, Lee Lee Thompson, about a new way of managing the overwhelm in life. The traditional view is the work-life balance, where you may need to sacrifice one thing in order to have more of the other, whereas it is possible to blend it all together in this messy arena of life and still be present and aligned at each and every moment.

We speak about the limitations of the work-life balance, and propose a new way to live with intentionality: the work-life blend. We deconstruct the concept of ‘a perfect life’ into a more realistic and aligned version: ‘the ideal life for you’. How can you know when you are working toward your ideal life, and how can you be accepting of, and gentle with, others and their way of doing things when working toward a joint intention or goal?

Guilt is a strong emotion, generally perceived as negative, and certainly hard to shake. Whilst it would be great to live guilt-free 100% of the time, Lee Lee has found a realistic and resourceful way to drop the guilt, but use the feelings of pain and misalignment in her heart to create her ‘ideal life’.

This episode is perfect for you if:

Have tried over and over to create a work-life balance, but feel even more flustered than before, and guilty to boot

You are independent, and tend to struggle with delegation and ‘sharing the load’ because you can’t deal with how others approach a project.

Spend most of the time battling guilt in some way, shape, or form. You will learn how to harness that guilt process for your highest good.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[05:11] Being overwhelmed at work led Lee Lee to consider what to do to change her lifestyle so she could spend time with her children.

[08:24] As a “one-woman show”, the steps Lee Lee took to reclaim her time and step outside the overwhelm. Plus, dropping the expectations that others ought to achieve a collective goal in exactly the same way you do.

[11:16] What does it look like to live with intentionality, uncovering your values with “The Wisdom Grid” and making a contract with yourself to live by it [unique value point].

[19:21] Being social as an introvert.

[21:02] Why the work-life blend is better than the work-life balance [unique value point].

[22:55] What does it look like to create your ‘ideal’ life rather than a ‘perfect’ life?

[29:51] Knowing your values helps you to know what gives you energy and drains your energy, and the one question you can ask yourself to get back in alignment.

[32:42] It’s pretty hard to lead a guilt-free existence, but while we’re working our way toward that state, how can we use “feeling bad in our heart” as a tool to inform our choices and behaviours?

[41:39] It’s not hard to find masculine energy in the world, so it’s great to choose and invite femininity into your world where you can, creating more of a blend.

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Key Take Homes

When we drop the pursuit of the work-life balance, and instead embrace the work-life blend, we find a way to avoid the guilt, be present in the moment (come what may), and adjust our schedules on the fly without the anxiety.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, and when you work together with someone, their way of arriving at the goal may look different to yours, that doesn’t mean they are any less committed or passionate than you.

While it’s not pleasant to feel guilt, it can be an indication that an important personal value has been transgressed. With some further inquisition, we can understand how we might adjust our thoughts, behaviours and actions in the future to bring us into better alignment with our values, and lessen the amount of guilt we experience over time.

Curious Question

Think about a perfect-work life balance day for you.

Then think about a likely work-life blend, where you shift and manage your day by reference to your motivations, desires, and unexpected events that come up with ease and without guilt.

How do the two compare next to each other?


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I hope you enjoyed this episode and you’re already planning how to start the Work-Life Blend!

Until the next time, take care of yourself.


Jen x

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