17: “I can no longer be who I was… but I have no idea how to become the new me”: Transformation Without Fear with Andrea Maxine Frade

Welcome Curious Friends! Today’s episode is all about building resilience and handling fear during the first stages of transformation, when we know for sure that we can no longer be who we were before, but equally we have no idea how to become the new person we are evolving into.

Andrea shares her story of unexpectedly taking the path of Yoga teacher and spiritual mentor. There is a counter-intuitive conundrum of internal resistance to change, even though becoming open, vulnerable and receptive to guidance is precisely what will help us as we evolve into the new person we are becoming.

How can we find peace and faith during this time? How can we be gentle with ourselves as we experience the stretch and pain that comes with transforming from the person we have outgrown?

Andrea helps us through these questions and more.

This episode is perfect for you if:

– You are in the beginning stages of transformation and are fearful because you can no longer continue how you were – you know it in your heart, but equally as difficult the future is hazy and untrodden ground: Andrea will talk you through moving with ease from one to the other.

– If you have experienced heartbreak or struggle and you cannot see how this has contributed positively to your growth path in life.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[03:54] The beginning of our transformation is the hardest part of the process, and how to start with resilience.

[05:87] The pivot: the invitation into a paradigm shift – you are literally becoming a different person, and dealing creatively with the terror of the unknown.

[07:00] The grounding of taking up a movement practice during a time of emotional upheaval.

[15:15] The importance of being open to receiving signs from outside ourselves, and going with what lights you up so we enter into the state of co-creation.

[18:39] Andrea’s heartbreak and unhappiness begins the process of change. Showing up for yourself, making a commitment, and living gently during this time.

[25:11] Catalytic moment: there is no time to waste doing things we feel mediocre about [unique value point]

[29:57] We tend to shield ourselves from vulnerability, yet it is in this state that we can receive our best guidance during our transformation.

[32:37] Pushing through major resistance of the structures of identification and beliefs that we have outgrown enables us to shift into the state of vulnerability and softness.

[35:00] The peaks and troughs and the moving nature of our life is unchanging: we can only add on tools in order become resilient to the challenges we face.

[39:30] The challenge of meditation in a fast paced world, how to approach it in the best way at the beginning of transformation.

[41:18] A 30 second meditation that Andrea used at the beginning of her journey of transformation [unique value point].

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Key Take Homes

Most of us at one point or another have had a catalytic moment; this is the point where we realise that things have to change. It will be unique for each individual, but we must look for gold in the pain, and the opportunity to grow and live in the world more openly and lovingly than ever before.

The beginning part of a transformation is the hardest part. To ease this Andrea recommends the very first step is to take up a movement-based practice.

It is often in our most difficult and trying times that we are open, vulnerable and malleable to take on new structures, belief systems and practices that will move us into our new way of being. We would never wish for these, but they are some of the best opportunities for change.


Andrea Maxine Frade’s website


Curious Question

Andrea’s first step in the path of an easeful transformation is to take up a movement-based practice.

Intuitively, which one appeals most to you?

Write in the comments your thoughts.

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Thanks so much for listening Curious Friends. Until the next episode, take care of yourself.


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