15: Intentional Choices, “Thinking” with the Body, and Feminine Leadership with Niamh Cronin

Today’s episode is all about leading from the feminine, thinking with our body, and balancing the ebb and flow of our masculine and feminine energies to lead an intentional life.

Our guest Niamh Cronin comes from a corporate background (much like myself!), and actually made herself ill and found herself on a cardiac ward at the age of 27! She shares her process of awakening, shedding her “shoulds” and leaning into her feminine.

We discuss intentional choosing, the meaning of anxiety (what we can learn from it), and how we really can have it all. Manifestation is touched upon and how we can successfully navigate our lives my effortlessly flowing between our masculine and feminine energies.

It is possible to ‘feel’ our way through life, although we have been programmed that we need to think and use our rational brain all the time. Niamh shows us another way.

This episode is perfect for you if:

You want to live with intentionality in all you do, and feel power and control in your life, even while relaxing into your feminine side.

Want to understand what it looks like to lead from the intuitive feminine, and have the courage to apply it in your every day.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[04:52] Leading from the feminine and feeling your way through the world (whether you are male or female).

[08:18] Niamh’s awakening: shedding her “shoulds” and seeking something more. Leaning into the masculine all the time was at a significant cost.

[11:05] Disease is “dis-ease” for a reason, and it occurs when you fall off your soul path.

[12:31] Are you intentionally choosing your experiences each and every moment? [unique value point]. The changes Niamh started to make and the healing effects.

[16:21] Suffering from anxiety, integrating our soul, and exploring our beliefs.

[19:15] You *can* have it all. Here’s why.

[19:53] Constantly choosing – a simple manifesting exercise you can practice each morning to start leading an intentional life [unique value point].

[21:22] Dominated by masculine energy – the ebb and flow between masculine and feminine to manage burnout and disillusionment, and what feminine leadership looks like.

[31:39] Feeling our way through life via our emotions and intuitive intelligence.

[33:50] Intuition is a choice – muscle testing exercise [unique value point].

[41:08] Walking with the intelligence of your own body and emotions.

Pledge just $2 per episode and get behind-the-scenes manifestation and alignment content + more!

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Key Take Homes

We are creating our world at every moment, whether we are consciously thinking about it or not. It is possible to *intentionally* create every moment to manifest the life you want to see in front of you. There is power in being first, and then doing. Leading from the feminine, and then taking action in the masculine.

We must check in with our emotions, intuition and body in making decisions, they are our greatest gift but, in a world where we are conditioned to find reasons and logic all the time, they are often underused.


Niamh Cronin’s Website

Dr Joe Dispenza’s website

Muscle testing video

Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins With You by Matt Kahn

Curious Question

In the resources section I have provided a video of the muscle testing exercise that Niamh was describing. How did your find this exercise, and did anything surprising come up for you when you tried it?

Thanks so much for listening curious friends and, until the next episode, take care of yourself.

Jen x

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