14: Nothing Is Ours And It Never Was: Letting Go of the Past, Transmuting Energy, and Leading from the Heart with Jemma Gawned

Hello Curious Friends! Today we embark upon a spiritual and healing journey with Jemma Gawned, who has been learning for many years from the elders and shamans of the Andean Inca about letting go of the past, transmuting the draining energy we hold in our mind and bodies, and leading life from the heart.

We discuss Jemma’s experience of an early cancer scare that led her to be more mindful about her being as a whole. Over the years this led her to be fluent in her emotions, which ensures that when relating with others she remains centred in the present, rather than answering in anger or fear from past experiences (and anticipation of the same).

How can we respond more lovingly to those in our lives? How can we learn from them (even if they might drive us up the wall!), and how can we let go of all the anger and pain that we have developed over a lifetime? Jemma addresses all these questions in sharing her learned wisdom.

We discuss developing faith in our life when we feel overwhelmed by who we should be, and we have fear to step into our authentic self (and our authentic path in life). Jemma shares her morning routine with us and we discuss being in rhythm with our life rather than fighting against it.

This episode is perfect for you if you:

– Find it hard to let go of past hurts, and find the pain repeats itself in present (and often unrelated) circumstances.

– Find your thoughts are so overwhelming that you struggle to get in touch with your emotions and lead from your heart rather than what your logic tells you.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[03:34] Jemma’s spiritual path: the embodied state of inner peace and harmony, which reflects outwardly.

[5:51] Jemma’s cancer scare led to a more mindful way of being and eating (food is medicine).

[07:46] “Spiritual teflon” – where nothing negative sticks.

[08:48] Jemma features on the first series of Big Brother in Australia. This made her realise that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

[09:65] A Jemma became more mindful she noticed how her emotions were running the show [unique value point].

[12:10] How we respond from the past (and not the present) to people, and what to do about it.

[15:21] How we can respond lovingly when we are in arguments. Heal ourselves and others as well.

[16:14] The people who bug us the most are the ones who are our biggest teachers.

[18:54] Nothing is ours and it never was. We are the master manifestors, but we’ve forgotten that we can transmute energy and release it.

[22:21] Our power is in letting go. It takes so much energy to hold on.

[23:34] How to let go of anything and lead from the heart (hint: it’s the simplest method in the world!) [unique value point].

[29:52] When you really don’t want to do something, that’s exactly the time to dive in and change the pattern.

[31:21] How to have faith when your life feels overrun by shoulds [hint: we are too action oriented].

[33:07] Jemma’s daily morning practice to get her best possible feeling state at the beginning of the day.

[36:21] When we believe that we constantly have to strive and push, life pushes back. Do this instead.

[39:55] Jemma’s path has not been easy at all, but now she is living the life of her dreams. She changed her outer world by shifting her inner world and created true choice for herself.

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Key Take Homes

Take that moment just before we are about to repeat the same old pattern in our interactions to pause and ask ourselves “how can I do this differently?”. This can make all the difference to shifting our relationships for the better.

We must learn to separate our thinking from our feeling in order to break the association. When we feel and feel alone we heal our past trauma.

We have spent all our lives taking on energy and storing it within our bodies, but we have forgotten that we are powerful at transmuting energy: we take it on, but then we can change it, and release it out from us again.


Jemma’s Website: Anchoring The Light

If you’ve been thinking about taking a spiritual retreat, there is still time to jump on board Jemma’s Peru Pilgrimage starting on 20th August 2017! Details here.

Jemma is running an Autumn equinox healing and reconnection retreat in Norfolk, UK on September 22nd to September 24th 2017 called “Where Your Shadow Meets Your Light”. Be sure to contact Jemma for more details, it sounds epic! awaken@anchoringthelight.com

Jemma’s favourite books:

The Four Agreements: Practical Guide To Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru by Joan Parisi Wilcox

Curious Question

When you think about a thought and/or situation that brought up strong emotions for your recently, try to separate the thought from the feeling, and sit with only the feeling, allowing the thoughts to float away. How does this feel different to having the two simultaneously?

Thanks so much for listening and, until the next episode, take care of yourself.


Jen x

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