12: Lean Into And Expand Your Intuitive Intelligence with Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams

Hello Curious Friends and welcome to episode 12 of the Curiously You podcast!

Today’s episode is all about our intuition, but not in the way that you are perhaps used to. We are speaking with Dr Ricci-Jane Adams of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, who is on a mission to change the conversation about intuition.

We discuss how science and empirical measurement are starting to catch up with the main-stream conversation about intuition, because there is more than just survival intuition (which we often struggle with even though it ought to be so normal it’s unnoticeable).

How do we make choices that are right for our intuitive self? How can we be discerning about where we direct our energies? We answer these questions, and highlight (for the pragmatic minded) how research supports the concept that we are not victims of our own life but in every moment powerful creators.

Spiritual self-worth is a big facet to unlocking our inherent intuitive nature, Ricci-Jane dives into how to do this, along with the best ways to reframe our hurts and struggles away from worry to radical acceptance.

Finally we dive into an amazing exercise you can do at home to meet your shadow archetype, and heal old fears and wounds that you may have been carrying for years.

This episode is perfect for you if:

You can’t get on board with the woo-woo nature of intuition and want to satisfy you pragmatic mind that, yes, it is real, as research and logic backs up what you may have (or desire to) experience!

Tend to get embroiled in micro-worries day-to-day, this episode will give you a broader, birds-eye view of the world, building your sense of self-worth, and instilling value into your experiences and life.

Are crippled by old fears that keep popping up and repeating in your life, and want a way to practically move beyond them.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[04:22] Changing the conversation about intuition: how the main-stream is afraid of anything that is not empirically verified, yet science is catching up with intuition research.

[06:27] Survival intuition should be so normal it is mundane. As we teach our children to talk, we should also be teaching them to tap into their intuition.

[08:23] The different types of intuition we have (hint: it’s not just survival intuition!).

[11:03] Consciousness hygiene – how to make choices that are right for your intuitive self.

[12:14] All of us are highly sensitive because we all have an electromagnetic (EM) field. Being discerning about where we direct our EM field, and the power we have to change our EM field.

[15:59] Your physical limits do not end at your physical body: here’s why.

[17:26] You are not a victim, but you have an immense power that you may be unaware about!

[21:12] Ricci-Jane’s life-changing question [unique value point].

[23:13] The real reason why we reject our self-worth. How to shift our perception from worry to radical acceptance.

[26:48] The concept of Earth school: what Ricci-Jane believes is our purpose on Earth, and the one thing we can do to create peace of mind.

[34:48] Going to meet your shadow – how to face our fears and the four primary fear archetypes – which are you?

[40:29] The exercise you can do now to meet your shadow archetype to clear your fears and know exactly what you desire [unique value point].

[54:10] What are the guardians of your shadow archetype? The light form of our shadow.

[59:06] What it means to be spiritually fierce, and the art of Blissipline

[01:06:39] What if you are not alone? Co-creation with the universe, choosing love, and shedding our inner control-freak.

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Key Take Homes

Intuition is a gift that is not only reserved for the highly-sensitive. Each of us possesses the ability to tap into our intuitive nature, as we are all connected to everything around us and so are the creators (and co-creators through the energetic web of the universe) of our life.

All the terrible things that happen in our life when radically accepted transform into an experience of love, beauty and growth.

There is nothing to fear except fear itself – you are infinitely supported.


Dr Ricci-Jane’s Website

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

Caroline Myss

HeartMath Institute

Spiritually Fierce: Are Your Ready To Surrender To Your Unlimited Self? By Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Curious Question

When you think about a recent struggle, ask yourself:

“What if there is no problem?”

How does it feel to step into the sensation of this question?

Let me know in the comments or send me an email directly.

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Thanks so much for listening and, until the next episode, take care of yourself.

Warmest wishes,

Jen x

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