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In this, the FIRST Curiously You Episode it’s me, your host Jen Holmes, talking about the mission of Curiously You: Why is it here, and how will it serve you?

Curiously You is an honest-to-goodness, supportive, community of individuals who are starting to lead from their intuition, step with courage into their true values, and create intentions that align with their purpose.

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In today’s world it is possible to have it all in many ways, but with it comes an immense pressure to achieve, be someone to everyone, and we try “keep up with the Jones’”, often without realising.

We have become the grown up “good girls”: the people pleasers who try to live up to every ideal or expectation placed upon us. We’re on the treadmill running toward a perfect image of ourselves and we a) don’t question whether it is exactly what we want and b) never feel like it’s enough (or that we are enough).

Time out! You need a moment to step out of the endless spin, because you’re wearing yourself out and it can’t go on like this.

Perhaps you feel like you need to be “fixed” in some way, or to understand what is holding you back, only then life would feel great.

Perhaps you have been steaming ahead on a path in life so far and you’re starting to wonder “is this what I really want?”

Perhaps you are plagued by fears that you feel stop you for going after that thing you desire, but you just don’t know how to move past them.

There are lots of reasons why you may have landed on this page, but ultimately you are approaching the cross-road: how you’re doing things is no longer working for you…

But what comes next?

At Curiously You we are exploring what it means to be YOU.

Not the you that you think you should be, or the you that you’ve thought you were your whole life, or the you that anyone else in your life expects you to be.


…I know, right? Who is she, and what does she truly want?

Pledge just $2 per episode and get behind-the-scenes manifestation and alignment content + more!

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Why Did I Create Curiously You?

I created Curiously You because I often found personal development blogs both intimidating and overwhelming.

Was I the only one who wasn’t striving for endlessly positivity, or pushing for constant happiness. Was I the only one who had little faith in the quick-fix, or believe I could do it?

At Curiously You, I have a long term commitment to your growth and creating a safe space to explore your inner world (that’s my purpose!).

I wanted to create a place where we could feel real, worthy, whole, and loved.

It’s a place that doesn’t simply seek “change” (I could change my clothes today then go right back wearing the same thing tomorrow), rather we encourage gradual and progressive “transformation”, a rebirth of the You there always was, and always will be, but who you’ve lost touch with somewhere along the way.

Here we are the inquisitive explorers on our own personal growth journey, and spend much of the time going inward for the answers, and being curious and non-judgemental about whatever we find there.

I am assuming that you already have everything you need right now to start feeling how you want to feel about life; it’s my job create the right combination of insight, inspiration, resonance and affect to help you access it.

Pledge just $2 per episode and get behind-the-scenes manifestation and alignment content + more!

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What’s in store at Curiously You?

I will dive into psychological, spiritual topics in as simple and accessible language as possible, using plenty of anecdotes, personal stories, examples, and exercises you can apply yourself in your daily life. Over time, you will be able to pick, choose, refine, and adapt your own personalised tools for the challenges you face each day in modern life.

The process is filled with self-compassion and gentleness on this journey as you may tentatively dip your toe into this new way of being in, and seeing, the world.

My hope is you see Curiously You like a conversation with your close friends on Sunday afternoon lunch, where you laugh, cry, learn a little, and leave feeling warm and fuzzy inside after leaving, and come right back again for more!

Much love and warm wishes,

Jen xx

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Hi Curious Friends!
I’m Jen, and Curiously You is a safe space for you to move past who you “should” be and step into who you are!

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