13: Integrating The Feminine, Epic Manifestation, And Moving Past Stress And Burnout At Work with Tara Howisey

Hello Curious Friends! Today’s episode is all about creating more ease and leaning into your femininity at work, moving past stress and burnout yet still being as (or more) productive than we are already.

We are speaking with Tara Howisey, who made herself ill due to her stress levels at work. In a masculine-driven world, Tara found the courage to step into a feminine approach to work, and over time saw big shifts that improved her well-being and productivity, and has worked with her clients to achieve the same.

She talks us through the basics of manifestation. We discuss keeping centred and in our feminine inspired energy even though we may work in a very masculine environment.

Tara is a master manifestor! She speaks through the basics and gives us some exercise to get us started so there’s less force and more flow in our career, and our lives!

This episode is perfect for you if you:

– Are pushed to the limit at work, and would love to know how to relax into more ease and trust that you will still meet your KPI’s!

– Feel like you must always inhabit the masculine, pushy, forceful, driven energy at work, and want to know how to soften more into your feminine energy

– Are curious about the manifesting, and want to learn the basics to find out if it’s for you!

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

[03:41] With promotions comes more responsibility: Tara’s burnout and getting sick from her corporate job.

[06:55] Tara’s turning point – started to see the long term effect, getting angry plus the self-protection mechanism.

[08:09] Changing her diet, meditating, taking on a coach and purifying, how it is better to change one thing at a time.

[12:45] One key word you need to know to start to healing your burnout.

[14:47] When the pain of staying where we are is worse than the pain of change.

[16:36] Shifting from force to manifestation, believing that things come easily, softening your outlook, and balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

[18:59] Steps to take to start manifesting and pulling things into your life [unique value point].

[23:29] The key exercise to start your manifesting journey (hint: it’s smaller and easier than you think!).

[22:38] Staying centred in our body, looking after ourselves and integrating softer artful feminine manifestation when you are in a stressful masculine job.

[31:12] How to integrate the feminine at work and how it can actually make you more productive [unique value point].

[37:49] Your zone of genius – when your work fuels your energy rather than drains it.

[39:27] Why it scares you to let go, how to find out your fears, heal yourself, and what happens after [unique value point].

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Key Take Homes

– Doing more does not mean you are being more productive, and can actually negatively affect your well-being. When we trust in the manifestation process and lean-into our feminine energy we take inspired action that is often more effective!

– Instead of trying to push to achieve your dreams, you want to pull your dreams toward you!

– Moving away from burnout is a step-by-step process.


Tara’s Website: The Radiant Goddess Collective

Tara’s favourite books

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by PhD Hendricks Gay

Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Life by Shakti Gawain

Ask And It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires (Law of Attraction) by Abraham Hicks

Curious Question

What are some feminine behaviours that you could incorporate into your working day to bring more ease, and which one will you start doing in the work environment?

Thanks so much for listening curious friends, and until the next episode, take care of yourself.

Jen x


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