Origins of the Patriarchy

↹ ⟲ The Origins of the Patriarchy – *THE* Story (Teal Swan Response) ⟳ ↹

In this video titled: “The Split in Modern Man (Men and the Traditional Male Role)”, Teal Swan acts out the traditional male gender roles.

I’ve watched it twice already.

What she is exploring is, to me, essentially, how the patriarchy has infiltrated and influenced the male psyche, and what it will look like when the masculine principle drops it and comes into sovereignty.

Toward the end of video, Teal admits that she hasn’t got a CLUE where it originated, to her it seems like it happened through socialisation, and suddenly all men just had to BE it.

I decided to dive deeper into this (because Curiously You lol)…

What IS the story behind the origin of the patriarchal wound?

Here’s what I have received:

The traditional gender role of men – so man providing, the need to push for success, pushing women in subservience rather than upholding them – is rooted in the fundamental misunderstanding of sacred teachings (verbal, written – and so through society – experienced).

It is shared throughout all ancient histories that women are the creative energy of the human collective, the force of life, of nurturing that life to strength until such point as that life can then go onward and create in the world.

Our ancestors intuitively understood, were taught, and witnessed for themselves the creative force of women. And at a certain point in our history we had mastered the TRUE sovereign dance of men and women:

Men saw the power and creative force of women. They protected it for the greater good, they held it, provided an energetic container for it, and fostered and allowed women’s continued expression.

And through this sense of being wholly upheld women were open, creating, flowing and as a result brought abundant resources for the tribe, and wider community.

At this point in our history, things were fucking fantastic for our ancestors!

Then, something happened.

There were a collection of men who began to feel scared that this abundance would be taken away.

And what begins for one, begins for all: this energy spread through the globe in our collective consciousness.

They could see the sheer untapped power of women, and the more they upheld and supported it, the more it came forward. They were terrified that this creative force would leave them, and they grew attached.

They wanted to contain and hold onto that good energy and good fortune, but equally, they wanted to suppress that creative force because they feared it might take on a life of its own and overpower them, or default to another tribe and therefore the strength of woman’s creative force, which was currently a tribe asset for all, would instead become a threat.

And so, through this fear they tried to forcibly contain the creative force of women.

They believed that this would allow them to tap into it when they needed it, harness it for the ongoing survival of themselves and their family, protect it from being snatched by competing tribes, and prevent it from eventually overpowering them.

This didn’t work in the way they hoped, because in order for women to channel this creative life-force energies she must be free-flowing, expressive, responsive, able to follow her instincts to whatever calls to her. She then creates and nurtures that energetic focus into manifest form for the benefit of the whole tribe.

She is designed to be held, supported, adapted to, and from this the foundations are laid for her expression.

Through choice, men turned against the power of women and tried to control and suppress it based on a wayward belief:

* ⤇ that it would protect the tribe from harm ⤆ *

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women are the life-blood of the tribe. The control and suppression of women is like injecting concrete into the veins of a living, breathing organism.

Aren’t we all suffering as a nation of humans now because of it?

Our male ancestors did not realise that in doing this, they wholly cut women off from the creative force that drove them in the first place.

This confused and upset these men and, as their fortune dried up, the creative energy turned from an abundant flow to a mere trickle.

They decided that it was the woman’s fault, that all their fortune flowed from women, and so it made sense that it was because of women that it dried up.

In order to survive, and not knowing the mistake they had made at that point (remember we’re talking prehistoric times, and it unfolded from there over many, many years), men did what they could to harness from the now broken and depleted woman by forcing her into submission and leaning upon what creative energies flowed from her in this state.

He manipulated and led women to believe in their weakness and by comparison he could feel strong. This weakened the tribe from where it was, but allowed men use their power, linear, and direct energy to *think* their way to manifesting what they needed.

The now vilified women took a back seat in the collective.

Over time, men forgot the sacred way in which men and women would interact.

He forgot what it looked like to BE the sacred container.

And women forgot what it felt like to allow creative life force energy to flow through her, for the benefit of herself first, and then as a result the wider tribe.

It did, however, lead to the advent of tools, technologies, inventions that were designed for one purpose, and one purpose alone:

⤧ Betterment for survival. ⤧

Of course, it did mean the stripping of communal resources, the pillaging of lands, the draining of Earth because at that point men were looking for the shortest point from A to B, even if it meant damaging and mowing down many integral and life-giving energies in the process.

This was all a choice we all made on an unconscious level, because we wanted to speed up our advancement in ways that the feminine principle would find abhorrent.

This is why the coming uprising of the Feminine Principle is so integral to our continued survival here on Earth, because soon there shall be no resources left to strip.

This is what The Remembrance is.

Women remembering they are powerful and forces of creation, and men remembering that without the container they create for women that creative energy cannot flow.

It is up to women to come into their creative fire now, as space is being cleared for them to do so through shifting collective beliefs around women.

Men are coming into their sovereign power. By backing off with the control, manipulation and suppression of women, and believing that in upholding the Feminine (or woman), will lead to ample rewards for them, and all society.

From a non-binary perspective of gender, feminine energy is feminine energy, no matter who or how it flows. And in fact, if the creative life-force energy is witnessed in a *male* form it can sometimes be more of a threat because it is both feminine creative life force PLUS masculine physical power.

This patriarchal wound affects all human beings.

△ Something in this story I received made me soften a bit. △

Our ancestors created the patriarchy from GOOD INTENTIONS (that feels hard to believe now, right?!)

And also because they were terrified: they became attached to their good fortune, and they *really* didn’t want it to lose it.

I can just see them all sitting in a circle around the fire, feeling anxiety and terror that this abundance wouldn’t last forever:

😰“What can we do to maintain and add all we’ve got??” 😰

😧“What if competing tribes steal it from us??”😧

😵“What if this energy women have gets so out of control that it overpowers and ruins us??”😵

Doesn’t that out-of-control train of thought sound very familiar?

Just like our ancestors, don’t we still all suffer with fear, anxiety, attachment to things in the world and find it hard to shift into trust and openness?

We are EXACTLY the same as our ancestors, save for one important difference:

We have the benefit of hindsight.

We can see the damage an imbalance in the masculine/feminine principle causes for our communities, the environment, and the well-being of all.

Our ancestors didn’t have this experience to draw on, and so this puts us at a great advantage:

To choose the rebalance of the two,

As men, to choose the upholding of women,

As women, to choose the expression of our creative force,

To choose, as human beings, that masculine and feminine energies flow through all of us, regardless of what sex we are born, and to respect, interact with, and respond to those energies respectfully and without judgement,

To choose to nurture what few resources we have left on Earth, and to give back as much as we can to restore to the commons what was stripped.

This is Humanity 2.0.

We’re ready, and it’s already happening.

Resource: Teal Swan‘s video “The Split in Modern Man (Men and the Traditional Male Role)”


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