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A recent post that Niamh Yvonne Cronin shared on her social media account really got my brain juices flowing. It was all about the three levels of “WHY” we each have.

#1. Our Human Why:

Our Human Why is our human reason for living. It is our career, our family, our job, our business. It is our gifts, it is our service and it is our desire to be and feel a sense of belonging. It is what we have come here to experience in this life, in this fractal of our self.

#2. Our Earthly Why:

Our Earthly Why is our reason for being on this planet at this very special time. It is a sacred contract and agreement that we made with our Earth Mama- to come and support her in this beautiful creation and birth of something new.

#3: Our Divine Why:

Our Divine Why is our ultimate reason for being. “Over Soul” or “Divine Being” has a core reason for being in this universal existence.


I took these as a basis and journalled with the Masters of the Akashic Records on my human, Earthly and divine “WHY”.

What are yours?


We are able to share with you your human why as you already know it.

You chose to become Jennifer Francis in this lifetime to learn your lessons around gratitude, trust, and leniency. You chose to become Jennifer Holmes to continue your lessons around gratitude, trust and leniency with a depth you were unable to achieve as Jennifer Francis.

Your service to this world is to increase the vibration of those who are already partially activated into a higher vibration. As you accurately ciphered for yourself, you are the conduit for the slightly enlightened to become fairly enlightened [I LOLed at that] and you shall achieve this by deepening your understanding of and connection to consciousness for yourself, mostly, through curiosity [Curiously You was a good choice of name then], creation, and an understanding and support of those on the path.

You are on this planet at this point in evolution of Earth because you are maturing into your purpose at just the moment the peoples of your planet are receptive to the vibration level you all contractually wish to elevate to.

Kindness, compassion, acceptance, and contentiousness are becoming staples within your culture and society at just the moment you are ready to fully release your resistance to your divine purpose.

Continue as you are doing and your Earthly purpose shall unfold as you and Earth contracted.

Your divine why is to love yourself as deeply as our Creator loves you. In fact, everything you choose to experience in all your lives and non-lives including the gratitude, trust and leniency is in service of this divine why.


I went on to enquire:

*Do all divine purposes for the souls of our universe/planet have this same purpose?*

No. This is your unique divine purpose, others may have similar, but never exactly the same.

The words you use in your language are not sufficient to convey the endless layers of self-love our Creator desires for you, and the souls of your universe. In simple terms, your divine purpose is to learn self love.


What is your human, earthly, and divine WHY?

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