How I ground (and why it’s important)

I’ve been deep in “do” mode lately, and along with going into the high-frequency space of the Akashic Records, connecting with higher realms and, along with generally being Planny McPlannerson, I’ve been feeling very ungrounded. Not to mention watching the last season of Game of Thrones and having it MAJORLY disturb my thoughts and sleep.

Today I’m sharing a few practises that I use to ground myself, and why I find them so potent for bringing me back down to Earth.

1. Grounding Visualisations

I kind of stumbled upon this visualisation in terms of grounding. I was on a shamanic journey and instead of coming out where I usually do in the lower world, I found myself going deep and deeper, through caverns. It got darker and more ‘mossy’ and damp until I came out in what appeared to be a beautiful subterranean mangrove.

I was exploring and wading through the water, soaking up the energy of ancient trees and feeling myself sinking into soil. I’m pretty sure my body and mind couldn’t distinguish between the imagery of this and the reality of it because it felt SO GOOD.

When I’m feeling super ungrounded I close my eyes and allow myself to be taken on a journey into the most grounded place in nature I can conjure, and allow those sensations to wash through me as though I was really experiencing them.

2. Grounding Stones

When I’m meditating I hold onto grounding stones.

The two that I use most are hematite, and smoky quartz, but also red jasper is a great one as well. I connect with my breath in and out during this process and find that soon enough my consciousness floats down from the aether into my body.

Sometimes I sit with these stones just resting on my lap while I work to keep me connected to the earth.

3. Get Outdoors

I know it’s a radical thought, but bear with me… Go out onto and experience actual Earth :p. Really indulge in it, become totally present on a walk, and find a place where you can take off your shoes and really feel the ground underneath your feet. Spread your vision as far to the periphery as you can manage and breathe mindfully. ‘Nuff said.

4. Microdose Mushrooms

*Do your own due diligence* I personally find that micro dosing on mushrooms is so incredible grounding.

It’s such a small amount that it has a barely perceptible impact on your day to day, but there’s something about it that makes me feel like my feet are anchored deeply into the ground.

Maybe it’s because I’m channelling those ‘shroom energies!

Why is it so important to ground (especially for women)

The reason why it is so important to connect with earth and not get too “high” in our practises is because we are “of Earth.”

Our body is composed of all the elements of earth and so when our consciousness (thorough our free-will) decides not to connect to those elements, which form such a profound aspect of not only this reality, but the reality that our soul chose for us, we are essentially denying a large proportion of who we are.

The soul is also a conduit within the body, a bit like an antennae receiving a radio signal, and so to feel disconnected from our body, ironically enough leads us to feel disconnected from our soul, and because our soul is the source of who we are we can feel very disconnected indeed!

Grounding is particularly important for women, as we are “the bearers of energetic mass in the creative process”, which means that we actually are designed to create mass for incoming souls (aka babies!).

This means that a large part of our spiritual experience as women is through the body, the fabric of who we are are, our DNA, and so on.

If the body and its needs are denied (and the body will always need grounding), then it feels as though a large proportion of who we are is being suppressed.

So there you have it, a few of the ways that I ground, and the reason why grounding is so incredibly important for us women.

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