How to capture and embody the desire behind a trigger

I've been reading the book The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer. The book is a memoir of the author's life, a life where instead of being blown around in the winds of his likes and dislikes as disctated by that little voice in his head, he surrenders to the direction that the Universe is intending he flow.

I noticed throughout this book I was getting triggered AF. He goes from being a broke student living in a van on a small parcel of land to owning 600 acres of land and a building from scratch a business that goes on to be sold for $1.3 billion!

Really? REALLY? He does a great job of describing the events and I don't doubt it's possible but I couldn't help but notice so much resistance coming up, along with loads of stories:

"He obviously doesn't have the amount of resistance that *I* have or he wouldn't be able to flow that much"

"Wow, so many hours per day of meditation. I don't have time for that, it's alright for some."

Essentially the VERY voice he is describing is dictating why it's impossible for me to also be in this level of flow with reality.

What a great opportunity for me to explore these resistances, the grievances I have, and quite clearly the unclaimed parts of myself that long to step into this unconscious desire.

I journalled with the Masters of the Akashic Records and received a few practices that will help me essentially capture what the author has done so instead of stewing in my jealousy, which let's be honest it is, I can start to BE IN the approach that he is taking with life:

1. Continue tuning into your soul

Seek her opinion and surrendering to her guidance.

2. Surrender your thoughts throughout the day and engage your feeling state.

Your feelings are the True North to your soul, so tuning into them will support your surrender.

When I dived into this more, I realised that the very likes and dislikes that I'm trying to move away from DO generate a feeling state within me. How do I know which is my soul's guiding feeling state, or my ego generated likes and dislikes feeling state? There are feeling states in both of these cases, so the subtly of which is which comes down to the resistance that are felt in the body rather than reasoned in the mind. 

The mind's preferences tend to be from ego, the body's preference tend to be from Spirit.

4. Meditate, meditate, meditate.

It is the ultimate practice in surrender and so you cannot do it enough.

5. Step aside during the many petty arguments that arise in your day.

Bickering about the dishes, getting aggravated when you get cut off in traffic, not being called when someone said they would call you. These add so much more resistance to your day to day than is necessary for a surrendered life. Move aside from these energy draining exchanges and process them in your own time.

6. Become mindful of opportunities placed in front of you.

...Even if your mind disagrees or shouts loudly at you. The body will know better if you continue to build up her intuitive strength.

This is like presenting us with a chance to grow and claim what is our rightful due, that's why we get so angry, irritated and triggered when things are going so smoothly for others and they seem to be in absolute flow when all we feel is resistance. We're just annoyed that we've forgotten how to allow ourselves to embody this very natural, flowing, way of being.

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