Don’t be fooled into chasing Conditional Freedom… this is True Freedom.

I received the following download in dream state. It was shared with me in the form of a medicine wheel, working its way around from East to West in Four Stages.

These are the four stages:

Stage 1: Conditional Freedom.

A belief is held within yourself that the creation of happiness, peace, contentment (and in reality sanity) can only be established through the manipulation of the external world so that it feeds into your inner emotional balance and well-being.

It is wholly and completely interested with controlling the outside world, pursuing what feels good and staying in alignment. Even if your consciousness is elevated enough that alignment is achieved – that is, the pursuit of the external is soul informed – it is relied upon for stability in the human state.

It is rudimentary in nature, and it is a fear that almost all advertisements are currently aggravating without you actually realising that this is what is occurring.

Stage 2: Unconditional Peace.

At this point in the ascension process your consciousness is aware of the ploy behind the advertisement, it is aware that the pursuit of freedom through structural adjustments to the outside world is a fallacy that cannot always and forever be sustained.

In fact, the most pleasure from these pursuits is found in the possibility of the the reality rather than the reality itself. It is not that the reality is disappointing as such, but the peace that is expected through them is never, ever, forthcoming, and never will be.

It is at this point you move into unconditional peace.

You are aware that you are not free and you are absolutely aware that the outside circumstances are not you are desiring, but you do not allow this to disrupt your inner stillness.

It is a practise that ebbs and flows; sometimes there is the whirlwind of want, and relying on this sanctity for creating inner mental and emotional stability, but then you suddenly realise the false paradise that this promises.

The first emotion is disappointment, but the second emotion is gratitude that you are able to alchemise this feeling of peace for yourself in the absence of external stimuli.

It is turbulent, but the truth is coming into form from within.

Stage 3: Conditional Freedom.

At this point in your spiritual and human development you are able to capture inner peace at almost any point in your day, and no matter the experience that is occurring.

You are fully and completely in flow with the energies of the universe, and more often than not those energies are as desired because the soul connection is so strong… but still you are not free.


Because your sense of inner freedom is dependent upon you being able to capture that inner sense of personal peace, and so that freedom is conditional.

At this point, events in the outside world are irrelevant as they are all seen as a part of creation and are observed and “sequentialised through” as an aspect of their existence and your existence coming into union.

Soul connection is no longer “created” or “tapped into,” it simply is, and there is nothing that is experienced that is not of the soul, and nothing that is experienced through the soul is judged or labelled as good or bad, merely adding to the collective understanding of consciousness in humans.

This is the point at which the most elevated gurus are found, that is, those who have mastered their consciousness, and integrated it into the flow state of their body.

Stage 4: True Freedom.

True freedom is when your consciousness is absolutely liberated of any dependency upon the external world, and much of the reason why this is is that soul connection is absolute, and so absolutely all that flows into your life is a mirror reflection of what your soul is longing to experience from a place of love.

All that is experienced is in perfect alignment and a wonderful observational experiment of self-in-manifest-form.

Why is it unconditional?

As inner peace and balance is an aspect of your experience that is a given, freedom is in no way connected with inner peace and balance being established. It takes no effort whatsoever, and so there is no risk of it being lost, no more than there is a risk of Mozart waking up one day and not knowing the C chord. The flow of soul-as-self is uninterrupted, no effort needs to be expended for this to happen and so true freedom has been established for yourself.

Why You Need To Know This.

We are sharing this through you as all who are currently hovering around the midpoint of Stage 1. Conditional Freedom and Stage 2. Unconditional Peace are starting to see the cracks in the way that spiritual business women and men are selling the dream of peace through circumstantial change:

The place on the beach, the seven figure business, the promotion, the family and so on. It is even sold in the form of meditative guidance which is rather absurd.

A sense of striving cannot be infused within the ascension process, it must instead be driven through a desire for discovery, of self, of the possibility for establishing your personal potential. It should be infused with exploration rather than desperation, or it becomes a circular toxic process that does not serve expansion.

The best approach at this point is mindfulness, see the unconscious approach that others are creating for personal freedom, and you shall soon see that within you there is a better – more aware – approach in support of your own ascension, and the ascension of the collective.


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