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Don’t be fooled into chasing Conditional Freedom… this is True Freedom.

I received the following download in dream state. It was shared with me in the form of a medicine wheel, working its way around from East to West in Four Stages. These are the four stages: Stage 1: Conditional Freedom. A belief is held within yourself that the creation of happiness, peace, contentment (and in […]

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How to capture and embody the desire behind a trigger

I’ve been reading the book The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer. The book is a memoir of the author’s life, a life where instead of being blown around in the winds of his likes and dislikes as disctated by that little voice in his head, he surrenders to the direction that the Universe is […]

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How I ground (and why it’s important)

I’ve been deep in “do” mode lately, and along with going into the high-frequency space of the Akashic Records, connecting with higher realms and, along with generally being Planny McPlannerson, I’ve been feeling very ungrounded. Not to mention watching the last season of Game of Thrones and having it MAJORLY disturb my thoughts and sleep. […]

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Reclaim the Feminine: A Beginner’s Practice

In meditation, I met with the warrioress Boudica in the forest, the same place we always meet. She arrived through the trees and sat down opposite me, crossed-legged. She asked me to notice my energy field, “It’s always outward, pushing,” she said, “always precisely at the exact extent that you want others to be close […]

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Origins of the Patriarchy

↹ ⟲ The Origins of the Patriarchy – *THE* Story (Teal Swan Response) ⟳ ↹

In this video titled: “The Split in Modern Man (Men and the Traditional Male Role)”, Teal Swan acts out the traditional male gender roles. I’ve watched it twice already. What she is exploring is, to me, essentially, how the patriarchy has infiltrated and influenced the male psyche, and what it will look like when the […]

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Surrender to Trust with Grandfather Spirit

[Disclaimer: I am not suggesting in this post that you try San Pedro or any other type of plant medicine. I do not endorse it or believe it is the one way to emotional or spiritual expansion. This is the story of my personal experience. I am not available to give recommendations, I would say […]

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the pain of alignment


“We would share with the collective about creating alignment, as this is a process that is so much used as a term to so inaccurately describe a state that few actually reach. Alignment simply means that the physical embodiment of you, and your non-physical essence are not creating a single opposing force. Where there is […]

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Movement Practise from the feminine

Doing Your Movement Practise From The Feminine and Without Self-Judgement or Self-Criticism

I went for my first run in… ooooo roughly a year and a half this morning. Wasn’t that interesting… A lot has changed in my mindset since my last run, and I realised just how much working out is an exercise in self-criticism for me. You know That Guy from those weight-loss TV Shows who […]

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△ :: My Multi-Faceted Why :: △

A recent post that Niamh Yvonne Cronin shared on her social media account really got my brain juices flowing. It was all about the three levels of “WHY” we each have. #1. Our Human Why: Our Human Why is our human reason for living. It is our career, our family, our job, our business. It […]

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My life lesson is gratitude. And MAN do I struggle to feel gratitude. ⛔Nothing I achieve is good enough. ⛔Everything could always be a little bit better. ⛔If only I got over THERE everything would be great. ⛔I don’t have time to appreciate this beautiful view, I need obsess over what I’m doing tomorrow/next week/next […]

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