Don’t be fooled into chasing Conditional Freedom… this is True Freedom.
I received the following download in dream state. It was shared with me in the form of a medicine wheel,[...]
How to capture and embody the desire behind a trigger
I've been reading the book The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer. The book is a memoir of the author's[...]
How I ground (and why it’s important)
I've been deep in "do" mode lately, and along with going into the high-frequency space of the Akashic Records, connecting[...]
Reclaim the Feminine: A Beginner’s Practice
In meditation, I met with the warrioress Boudica in the forest, the same place we always meet. She arrived through[...]
↹ ⟲ The Origins of the Patriarchy – *THE* Story (Teal Swan Response) ⟳ ↹
In this video titled: "The Split in Modern Man (Men and the Traditional Male Role)", Teal Swan acts out the[...]
Surrender to Trust with Grandfather Spirit
[Disclaimer: I am not suggesting in this post that you try San Pedro or any other type of plant medicine.[...]
"We would share with the collective about creating alignment, as this is a process that is so much used as[...]
Doing Your Movement Practise From The Feminine and Without Self-Judgement or Self-Criticism
I went for my first run in... ooooo roughly a year and a half this morning. Wasn't that interesting... A[...]
△ :: My Multi-Faceted Why :: △
A recent post that Niamh Yvonne Cronin shared on her social media account really got my brain juices flowing. It[...]
My life lesson is gratitude. And MAN do I struggle to feel gratitude. ⛔Nothing I achieve is good enough. ⛔Everything[...]
Trichotillomania: Making My Peace With The Life-Death-Life Cycle
My friend and peer Jennifer Hepton specialising in grief and loss coaching asked a question around my relationship with those[...]
Thought Leaders and Experts Share Their Best Personal Way for Coping With Their Anxiety
You don’t need to go far online to read about the how anxiety affects our daily lives. It is difficult[...]
Never Put the Key to Your Happiness in Someone Else’s Pocket
“Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores[...]
I Was So Mad
I headed out with Mike today into our local town, one hour away from home. He had an appointment at the[...]
How Lindsay Lohan Helped Me Live A More Meaningful Life
I have this inexplicable empathetic connection with Lindsay Lohan—I always have. When I was partying it up, at 22, living[...]
How To Stay True to Ourselves When Making Decisions
"I want to go to Nicaragua and live in the jungle."   Where did that thought come from? I’d been[...]
The Girl with the Red Shoes – How One Fairy Tale Restored My Wild Heart
“There once was a little orphan girl who made herself lovely red shoes out of scrap cloth, and they mean[...]
5 Life Lessons From Traveling In Bolivia
I’d always desperately craved to have perspective: to see the whole picture and understand it. But I was equally terrified[...]
4 Ways To Find A Perfect Balance When You Have An Extreme Personality
I am a woman of extremes. There, I said it. I’m either straight down the line, the practical high-flying pragmatic[...]
Why We Shouldn’t Force Advice on People, And What Actually Helps
“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ~Stephen R. Covey[...]
How to figure out Who You Are and What You Want: The Personal Manifesto
I stumbled recently upon this idea of a personal manifesto. Great! A way to make an explicit statement about your[...]
The Anatomy of the Break-Up, or Why There’s No Guarantee on Love
“I can’t take this anymore! Why are you acting so weird? Enough is enough! Tell me: what is going on?”[...]
The Power of Your Gut: Finding the Courage to Trust Your Intuition
You know that feeling when you know that you know something… but you have no idea how or why you[...]
Hey Girls! Not Angry? You should be…
I’ve got anger issues. My issue is, I’m never angry. It’s taken me a long time to realise this is[...]
How you play Minecraft is how you approach life
Friend: “Wow there’s this epic computer game I’ve heard about, it’s based in a world with no boundaries going on[...]