the pain of alignment


“We would share with the collective about creating alignment, as this is a process that is so much used as a term to so inaccurately describe a state that few actually reach.

Alignment simply means that the physical embodiment of you, and your non-physical essence are not creating a single opposing force. Where there is no tension, stress, opposition or conflict of any kind we might use the word ‘alignment’.

This is a state that is only momentarily achieved by any being in any reality because to align means perfect equilibrium and perfect equilibrium can only ever mean no forward motion.

Do you understand, sweet being, that not moving forward only creates pain because expansion is a part of the divine plan of our reality?

Why then do you chase alignment?

Chasing a feeling of alignment is like chasing a pool of stagnant water, or running forward with aggression and fervor only to reach a stillness that in actuality starts to hurt very quickly.

What, then, do you need to use your alignment for?

It must be important, you say, because all the ‘gurus’ keep talking about it.

If we can offer one single piece of advice that you feel in your body today, it would be this: ignore the gurus.

Many of them share second hand insights that they have never directly experienced and even where they *have* experience some insight it is highly unlikely to create a noticeable shift toward well-being in your energy field.

Look inward.

When was the last time pursuing alignment felt good?

When was the last time being in alignment – we mean full, pure, and true alignment – did anything other than impel you to your next most aligned action, or at minimum thought or impulse.

Alignment is therefore nothing more than a tool, a way-point indicator, a sign telling you ‘YES!… This way.’

Chasing alignment feels awful – terrible!

Allowing alignment, staying there momentarily to inform your actions and beingness in the now then moving forward, doesn’t that feel great?

When you stare too long at alignment you forget who you are. You are blinded by opinions, thoughts, concepts, guilt, pain, and panic.

Alignment is not and never shall be your goal.

But as we say, turn inward and find out for yourself.”


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