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Curiously You has a special mission:

  • To guide you back to authentic self-belief.
  • To take your hand and instill true courage.
  • So that you can love, and be loved, fiercely, bravely.
  • And know that no matter what, you are valued.

Curiously You will show you how to live every day beyond fear and expectations.

  • Let’s move past the people pleasing, the pretense, the perfectionist.
  • And the image of who you think you should be.
  • You are good enough. Right now, as you stand.
  • Maybe you can’t see it yet.
  • But you will.

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Latest Blog Posts of Curiously You
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Who is Jen Francis?

I am a women’s personal development coach who offers support and a platform for women who struggle to get in touch with their true inner selves. I help them to gain awareness of their habitual patterns that prevent them from feeling courage in their hearts and value in themselves.

My ultimate goal is to provide the modern woman with the tools to create a sense of wholeness, peace, and direction in a way that embraces who she is, rather than who she thinks she “should” be.

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